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Tbilisi Zoo is located on Kostava Street. At the zoo you can visit both endemic species of the Caucasus and Georgia, as well as animals from around the world. There are about 300 species of animals, including: goat, niamor, birch, deer, roe deer, Colchis pheasant, Caucasian grouse, Caucasian ostrich, white rhino, white tigers, white lions, Ussurian tiger, wild African dogs and more. Most of the species living in the Tbilisi Zoo are already small in number in the wild. There is also an terrarium in the park, where you can meet a variety of amazing fish or reptiles. For zoo lovers, the zoo is really a very interesting place, here you will be able to get better acquainted with the animal world, their habits, see exotic species. The diversity of wildlife attracts children in particular, especially since there are children's attractions in the zoo. It is one of the most popular places in Tbilisi. If you want to spend the day in a diverse and at the same time cognitive way, you should definitely visit Tbilisi Zoo.


Tbilisi Zoo was founded in 1927. About 70 hectares of land in the valley of the river Vere have been allocated for the arrangement of the zoo. The first director of the zoo, became G.A. Hanson. Initially, the following sections were considered: Caucasian or Local Studies, Fauna of the former USSR, Exotic, Agricultural Animals, and others. In 1931, a parasitology laboratory was established at the zoo. In 1935 under the leadership and guidance of Jandieri, a biological station was added to the zoo, which was later transferred to TSU. Scientific-research work was carried out in Tbilisi Zoological Park by Jandieri, m. Rcheulishvili, D. Agladze, N. Badriashvili, S. Erkomaishvili, Ts. Chelidze and others. Ivane Beritashvili, also studied the psyche of monkeys and other peculiarities. Over time, the Tbilisi Zoo has undergone many and significant changes, including an increase in the number of animals. Currently, the following departments operate at the Tbilisi Zoo: Predators and Primate-Rodents, Birds, Ungulates, Exotarium (Reptiles, Amphibians and Pisces) and Children's Education Center. In 2007, the first sea aquarium in the Caucasus was opened at the Tbilisi Zoo. On June 13, 2015, the Vere River, which was flooded due to heavy rains, completely destroyed the lower part of the Tbilisi Zoo. The animals escaped from the aviaries and several employees died. The zoo resumed work on September 13, three months after the disaster.

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