The house-Museum of Terenti Graneli

The house-Museum of Terenti Graneli

About The house-Museum of Terenti Graneli

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The House-Museum of Terenti Graneli is situated in Samegrelo, in the city of Tsalenjikha, on Mikava street. The house-museum was founded in 1987, as they were celebrating the 90th anniversary of the great poet. The museum is placed near Terenti’s father’s- Samson Kvirkvelia’s dwelling, the house itself, has lovely balconies, adorned with balusters all over it. Here is exposed poet’s memorial stuff, his manuscripts. In the museum there are often held literary nights, cultural meetings with youth. Terenti Graneli really was a special, talented person in Georgian poetic history and his charisma still draws attention of visitors.

Tags: #History #Culture #Museum #Historical Monument

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