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Tetri Tsklebi Resort (White Waters) is located in Kakheti, Telavi Municipality, on the territory of the village of Tetri Tsklebi, on the north-eastern slope of the Gombori ridge, at 1200 meters above sea level. The village is characterized by beautiful nature. Forests, mountains and wonderful views create the best environment for nature lovers. The main healing factor of the resort is the sulfur springs. In addition to beauty and natural resources, Tetri Tsklebi is also interesting from a cultural standpoint. The territory of the village has been inhabited since ancient times, starting from the Bronze Age, as evidenced by the remains of the city discovered here, consisting of many layers. Here you can also visit the medieval churches and castles, such as the ruins of the Virgin Church of VIII-IX centuries, Kunturi Church of VII-XVI centuries, the ruins of the late medieval church of Kadjiankhevi and others. A particularly famous monument is the castle of Psiti, the oldest layers of which date back to the V-VI centuries. The resort Tetri Tsklebi is an attractive place for those who want a relaxing, enjoyable vacation, as well as for people interested in culture.

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