The Armenian Church of Batumi

The Armenian Church of Batumi

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The Armenian Church of Batumi is located in Adjara, in the city of Batumi, at 25 Gamsakhurdia Street. It dates back to 1885. The first Armenian-Gregorian church was built in Batumi in 1873. It was a wooden building. In 1885, a wooden church was demolished and a new church was built by the Austrian architect Malfred,with the help of money donated by the parish. The new church is a domed brick building with a bell tower gate on the west side. The facades of the building are decorated with pilasters and arcades. With eight arches of the bell tower, it is an open arbour. The entrances and windows of the building are also arched, there are several round windows. The dome, the arbour of the bell tower, and several facade flats are painted in white. In 1930, during the Soviet rule, the Armenian Apostolic Church in Batumi ceased to exist, like other religious monuments. A planetarium was opened in the church building. In 1992, the planetarium was moved to one of the halls of Batumi State University, and worship was restored in the Armenian-Gregorian Church.

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