The Iprali church of the Archangel

იფრალის მთავარანგელოზის ეკლესია

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The Iprali church of the Archangels is located in the village of Iprali in the Kala community of Mestia Municipality, Svaneti. The small hall church is built of carved gallstone tiles and dates back to the XI century. The facades are plain, with only fragments of frescoes surviving on the south facade, at the top of which was placed Deisis composition consisting of seven figures. Each figure had an icon-like frame. The facade was lined with a strip of geometric ornament, below which was depicted a Sagittarius rider with the inscription "St. Esate". The entrance is from the west, arched from the inside and rectangular from the outside. The altar is elevated by two steps and separated from the rest of the space by a three-arched iconostasis, in the middle of which, the entrance arch is wide and slightly pointed, while the side apertures are architrave on the side of the altar. The conch arch rests on the shoulders of the apse. The vault of the arch rests on the pilasters of the south-west and south-east corners. There are stairs to the north and west walls. The interior of the church is painted by the king's artist, Theodore, who also painted the Monastery of St. Kvirike and Ivlita of Kali, the church of the Savior of Tsvirmi and Nakipari Church of St. George.

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