kurorti sairme - კურორტი საირმე

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Best time to visit: Summer, Autumn, May

The Resort Sairme It is situated on the River Tzablaraskhevi at the altitude 800m. It’s 245 km from Tbilisi, 23 km from Baghdati and 50 km from Kutaisi.In the forests owned by The Eristavis, deer were obsesed with one place. According to the myth, brothers tracked down a wounded deer to this place.The spring was flowing over stones reddened by rust. The surroundings were whitened by salt.herds of deer drank the water in turns.That’s why this place was called Sairme( a place of deer.) Shepherds paid attention to this place too. There was also one unusual fact. 3 km from the spring, the grass was always green on one place.There was never snow and the ground was dry after a few minutes os rain.The secret was revealed in the 1920s, geologists discovered hot mineral water in the depth of ground.They started building sanatoriums.Infrastrucutre was better taken care of. There is “Narxani” type carbonic(springs #1 and #3) which has healing qualities. And also there is “Borjomi” type carbonic(springs #4 and #5).In Sairme There are sanatoriums and a clinic. The season runs from May to November.

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Eco Cottage
Eco Cottage
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Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

მოგესალმებით კურორტ საირმეს შეგიძლიათ წლის ნებისმიერ დროს ესტუმროთ.


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