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About The Sadgeri St. George Church

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The Sadgeri St. George Church is the XV century monument. It is located in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, in the village of Sadgeri in Borjomi municipality, on the high bank of the river. The church is a hall type and it has no apse. It is covered with a cylindrical vault of uneven outline. The temple is built of grey ashlar. Between the stitches is a thick layer of solution, that is bordering the squares like a frame. The facades are adorned with twisted shaft trims, which environs reliefs and apertures. There are two entrances, from the west and from the north. Both entrances are decorated with a framed double-twisted shaft with a rectangular outlined portals and the relief image of the cross at the top of the apertures. There is a rectangular window on top of both portals, which is environed by a triple twisted shaft and on either side of which are relief images of grape clusters. So is the east window. The south window is arched and without decorations. The longitudinal walls are partitioned with pilasters and the vault- with straining arches. The church has a three-stage pedestal. The reliefs are scattered on the facades without any system. Near the north entrance, in a semicircle outlined by double twisted shafts, a dragon is depicted, that is killed by the St. George. On the same side is depicted St.Estate, who throws a bow at the deer. On the facade, in the western part of the ლავგარდნი, there are relief images of the Caucasian tur, the chained dragon and St. George slaying the dragon. The interior is currently plastered, although this is the result of a later reconstruction. An update trace appears on the slopes of the roof. The initial and remade declension of the slope of the roof is noticeable. Cornices of both periods are still preserved. The churchyard was surrounded by a strong curtain wall with castles, made with ashlar. The Mother Monastery currently operates in the temple area. The church territory is surrounded by a curtain wall.

How to get there

The village of Sadgeri is located in the municipality of Borjomi, on the right bank of the Borjomula River, 7 km from Borjomi. An asphalt road leads to the village.

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