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About Vani

Vani municipality is located in Imereti region of western Georgia. In ancient times, one of the important cities of ancient Colchis developed on its territory, which flourished in BC Sec. III-I centuries. The oldest archeological material found in Vani settlement dates back to the BC Sec. VIII-VI centuries and are represented by ceramic fragments. The settlement is located near the town of Vani, on the hillside, from where there are beautiful views of Rioni lowland, the town of Kutaisi and the Caucasus Mountains. You can also visit medieval castle-fortresses and temples in Vani, such as Tamari Fortress, Gormaghali Fortress, St. George Church of Shuamta and others. From the sightseeings of the region, Bzvani karst cave and Dikhashkho sulfur geysers are significant. The greatest Georgian poets of the XX century, Galaktion Tabidze and Titsian Tabidze, were born in Vani, whose museum is located in the village of Chkvishi. There is an archeological museum of Vani on the territory of the ancient city as well as the Museum of Fine Arts and the Public Theater in the city of Vani. On June 2, Vani traditionally celebrates the public holiday "Vaneloba", on this day people working in various fields are awarded the title of honorary “Vaneli”.

Geography and Climate

Vani municipality is located in the extreme southwestern part of Imereti region. Its administrative center is the city of Vani. The municipality is bordered by the municipalities of Baghdati, Samtredia, Tskaltubo, Adigeni and Chokhatauri. The northern border of Vani passes through the Rioni river, whose tributary creates a river network throughout the territory. In the southern part, a left tributary of the river Khanistskali, Tsablaristskali is flowing. On the territory of the municipality is the highest peak of the Meskheti Range, Mefistskaro (2 851 m). The Northern branches of the Meskheti Range forms the southern mountainous part of Vani. The middle part of the region consist of the foothills with a hill, and the northern part is occupied by the Imereti Lowland. Mineral and thermal waters are found in Vani. There are 1048 types of plants in the municipality. There are deciduous, coniferous and subalpine forests, as well as subalpine and alpine meadows, which are used for pasture.

The municipality of Vani has a humid subtropical sea climate with warm winters and hot summers. The average annual temperature in January is 4.1 ° C and in July it is 23.4 ° C. Snow cover on the lowlands is about 10-12 cm on average, and its duration does not exceed 2 weeks per year. In high mountains the thickness of snow is more than 2 meters, and it lasts 3-4 months a year.

What to see

In Vani, having an ancient history and culture area, you can visit many interesting places. Tourism plays a significant role in the economy of the municipality. Here you can find medieval churches and fortresses, sulfur geysers, karst caves and beautiful views. However, special attention is paid to the huge cultural and historical significance of the Vani settlement. This large archaeological site with its iconic and public buildings makes a great impression. From the settlement is clearly visible Kutaisi, Rioni lowland, Caucasus Mountains and a beautiful sight.


    • Bzvani Cave
    • Dikhashkho sulfur geyser

      Cultural Monuments

        • Vani Archaeological Museum
        • St. George Church of Shuamta
        • Melouri Church
        • Tamari Fortress
        • Gormaghali Fortress


          • Sulori
          • Amaghleba

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          Eco Cottage
          Eco Cottage
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