Village Shovi - Glacier Buba

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About Village Shovi - Glacier Buba

Best time to visit: Summer, May, September, October

The route starts at the resort of Shovi to the north east and goes along the strem Buba toward Buba's mountain. After 650 meters the route direct along the right tributary of the Buba's stream in to the gorge and clims on the sharp hill. Trail goes through open slope. The route is characterized by beautiful nature and panorama. It should be noted that mineral (sour) waters are found in large numbers in the area of ​​river confluence point. The route is easy, visually interesting. Do not require special physical training. Do not try to climb the glacier without guide and special equipment. The route ends athe the begining of the Buba's glacier.



Tags: #hiking #trekking #Backpacking #Adventure Tour
42.704192 , 43.681282
Duration: 1 day
Total distance: 13 km
Difficulty: Easy

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Zura Egetashvili
Zura Egetashvili

რამდენი საათი სჭირდება ამ მარშრუტის გავლას?

Davit Merabishvili
Davit Merabishvili

მანძილი ჯამში 14 კილომეტრია და ვერტილაკში 1100 მეტრის აკრეფა გიწევთ. საშუალოდ 8 საათი დაგჭირდებთ ორივე მხარეს.


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