Virgin Mary church of Aiazma

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Virgin Mary church of Aiazma is located in Kvemo Kartli region, in the village of Aiazmi, Tsalka Municipality. It dates back to the VI-VII centuries. The church is a hall style, which ends with semicircular apse to the east. It has an entrance to the north and west. The church is built by processed stone blocks. There is a relief image of the Feast of the Cross on the architrave. There is a four-lined Asomtavruli(the oldest Georgian alphabet) inscription on the architrave of the northern entrance, which dates back to 1045. Zakaria, the founder of the structure to the church and the Catholicos Okropiri are mentioned in the inscription. In the north-west corner of the hall there is a round pillar, which ends with an impost. There is a deer image on east of impost, on the north - a cross carved in a circle, and on the west - a rosette. The church is surrounded by a fence with big stones. You can find some interesting tombstones in the yard. The horse rider, Ktitori (a person whose initiative was to build a church) in a church model, a cross and different things are presented on the tombstones.

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