Zanavis cixe, Adigeni ზანავის ციხე - Zanavi fortress ზანავის ციხე - Zanavi fortress Zanavi fortress, Adigeni ზანავის ციხე - Zanavi fortress

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Zanavi Fortress is located in Samtskhe-Javakheti region, Adigeni municipality, village Small Zanavi. The building was erected in the late Middle Ages on a steep rock. The Fortress is built with rock pieces on the lime mortar. The trace of late repair is noticeable. The backed tower of the inner fortress has three floors. Its stonelaying is more regular than that of a fence. The tower has embrasures on every side. There is a fireplace on the second floor. The arched door of the south wall leads to the inner courtyard, where a water reservoir is situated, cut out of the rock. Further south is located the second tower, where there are remains of the church. Below, there is another round-shaped tower near the fence. From the Inaccessible fortress, built on a steep rock, excellent views unfold, which makes this place especially attractive to visitors.

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