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About Zekari Overpass Trail

Best time to visit: All Season

On the Zekari overpass trail, you will see resort Abastumarni, magnificent view from Zekari overpass and colchic sub-tropical forest.

The visit to Borjomi-Kharagauli National park is not free. For registration, booking of the tourist shelter and other services contact/visit Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park Visitor Center. 



Day 1: Abastumani guard station – Didmaghala tourist shelter

The route starts at the Abastumani guard station (1390 m) on a car road and goes southeast; afterwards, it turns to the Abastumani river valley in the Otskhe river valley. after 2.5 km the trail goes southeast in the direction of a steep slope (20-25 degrees inclination in some places). 6 km away from the mentioned turn you will reach the Didmaghala tourist shelter, where you will spend a night.


Day 2: Didmaghala tourist shelter – Abastumani guard station

The next day the trail goes along the car road to Achara-imereti range to the west. 10 km away from the tourist shelter the route goes through the Nasabajvari shepherd summer farms and runs down the Otskhe river valley. The trail links to first day route and goes back to the Abastumani guard station.

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41.784336 , 42.842656
Duration: 2 days
Total distance: 31 km
Difficulty: Easy

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Bakur Jikia
Bakur Jikia

Use google translete, there is problem on the track!
ხალხო სერიოზული პრობლემაა ეს ტრეკი! ამ ტრეკით უკვე 2 ჯგუფი დაკარგულა, ჩვენც ლამის მესამე აღმოვჩნდით!
მეორე, ახალი, ნასაბაჯვარის თავშესაფარიდან გზა წრიულზე აღარ გააგრძელოთ!!! გზა მიდის არსად, მარკირება და ბილიკი წყდება, ვითომ ეშვება ხეობაში, ტყეში! დაკარგავთ საათებს და ენერგიას!

Xavier Allègre
Xavier Allègre

This needs to be updated !

We started our way 1.5 km up from the Didmaghala tourist shelter as we arrived in the early afternoon (you can drive all the way up there) and then walked on the main road, took the second path on the left, in direction of the Nasabajvari shepherd summer cabins. Half-way through you will find the new tourist shelter that has yet to be indicated on a map; it seemed like no one knew about it, even the shepherds (ask the rangers about it though, one of them knew about it!).

On day 2 we lost the way after the new tourist shelter they just built in the middle of the mountain between Didmaghala Tourist shelter and Nasabajvari shepherd summer farms (this new tourist shelter is very nice tho, but we couldn’t find the spring neither, and we were initially told there would be one!).

After this new tourist shelter (not Didmaghala!), in the direction of Nasabajvari sheperd houses, the biggest trail transforms into a very small path on the flank of the mountain. But that’s where this itinerary couldn’t be followed anymore ! We went indeed to the Nasabajvari sheperd house, by a marked trail, and then to the observatory territory near Abastumani (much longer trail than the original trail shown on this map!!). Since the observatory territory was shut-down we had to take a left and then go down 2,5 km to the Agobili part of the village (near the sanatorium). There is fresh spring water and you are near Abastumani.

Also, on the way down the mountain from the Nasabajvari sheperd farm to the observatory/Agobili it is mentionned several times that there is a ranger station nearby. Don’t waste your time as this is an abandonned ranger station and you won’t find any ranger there anymore !

P.S.: Big thanks to the rangers though, they were very helpful when we went lost on the way back to Abastumani (big thanks Lasha and Misha!)

N.B.: You’ll need to speak Georgian if you want to get helped though :)

Ucha Gviniashvili
Ucha Gviniashvili

Thanks for you great feedback. It's very helpful. We haven't been on this trail for a while. Could you please send us some photos from the trail to: info@georgiantravelguide.com

GPX track or coordinates of the new shelter would be appreciated. We will update this information. Your feedback will help others a lot.

Bakur Jikia
Bakur Jikia

წყალი სად გვხვდება მარშრუტზე?

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

სალამი, მარშრუტის გავლისას მხოლოდ თავშესაფართან გხვდებათ წყალი. შესაბამისად გზად არსად არაა, და თან უნდა იქონიოთ თქვენთვის საკმარი სასმელი წყალი.

anastasia gigauri
anastasia gigauri

რომელი თვიდან შეიძლება გადასვალა ავტომობილით ამ უღელტეხილზე

Mariam Pirashvili
Mariam Pirashvili

სალამი, ზეკარის უღელტეხილზე გადასვლა დამოკიდებულია თოვლის საფარზე. თუმცა მაისის მეორე ნახევრიდან უფრო შესაძლებელი იქნება. დეტალური ინფორმაციის მისაღებად უნდა დაუკავშირდეთ საავტომობილო გზების დეპარტამენტს 032 2 31 30 76


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