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The Zeskho gorge is located in Svaneti, Lentekhi Municipality. The Zeskho River originates from the southern slope of the Caucasus Mountains, west of the Sharivtsek Pass, at an altitude of 2,780 meters above sea level. The gorge stands out with marvelous nature. Here you can plan interesting and adventurous hiking trails. One of the most popular routes is Zeskho-Ghebi, along which you can go from Lentekhi to Racha, and on the way visit Sasvano lakes. In the Zeskho gorge there is an alpine camp "Zeskho" which is a great place to pitch tents. Beautiful fields, mountains, amazing views of mountain peaks, fresh air and the pristine beauty of nature make an indelible impression on travelers and attract many lovers of wandering and adventure. If you want to travel in a fairy-tale world, you will definitely find a magical environment in the Zeskho gorge.

Tags: #Nature #Gorge

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