Zhinvali Water Reservoir

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Zhinvali Water Reservoir is located in the Mtskheta-Mtaineti region, Dusheti Municipality, north of the small town of Zhinvali, in the middle of the Aragvi River. It is one of the most beautiful places in Georgia and attracts many tourists. There is an important monument of Georgian architecture on the shore of the reservoir - the Ananuri complex, which makes this place even more interesting. Another monument located here is also noteworthy: during the construction of the Zhinvali hydroelectric complex, the 12th century Church of the Cross, which is submerged in water for 6 months and can be seen for 6 months, was flooded. Zhinvali Reservoir is a perfect place to unwind in nature, for a picnic or to escape from the summer heat. The reservoir and its surroundings are beautiful at any time of the year. Here you can get acquainted with important samples of Georgian culture, swim in blue water, sunbathe and enjoy the beauty of nature. The expansive space and the blue-green, rippling water between the mountains create amazing views. Zhinvali Reservoir is located between Alevi, Gudamakari and Kartli ridges. Its surface area is 11.5 km² and the maximum depth is 75 m. The reservoir is of great importance for the water supply of the city of Tbilisi, it supplies drinking water to about half of the population of Tbilisi.

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