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Zvari St. George Church is located in the village of Zvare, Keda Municipality, Adjara. It stands on an artificially created substructure, on a riverside cape. The building is of the hall type and ends with a semicircular apse to the east. The church has a gate to the west, which is opened with arches on three sides. The entrance is one, from the west. All windows and entrances are also arched. The facades are surrounded by the eave with a plain profile. Apart from eave, no decorative elements can be found on the facades. To the west stands a three-story bell tower with a square outline, which also performs the function of a gate. The first floor of the bell tower is arched on three sides, to the south it leans on the artificial platform, the second floor is deaf and lit by windows, and the third floor is a circular, domed bell tower with eight arched windows. The temple and the first two floors of the bell tower are built of roughly hewn stone, and the third floor of the bell tower is made of cobblestone.

Tags: #History #Church #Culture #Monastery #Historical Monument

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