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About Akhalsopeli St. George Church

Best time to visit: All Season

St. George's Church is located in the village of Akhalsopeli, Tetritskaro Municipality, Kvemo Kartli Region. It is a monument of the X-XI centuries. The building is hall church, with a semicircular apse on the east. The interior of the church is covered with a cylindrical cove, which is based on strong arches. The church has four arched windows. Two of them are in the south wall, one in the east and the other one in the west. The east windows have decorated headings. The interior is plastered. The building has one entrance - from the south. There is a relief of saint figure in the arch of the door. In addition to the image of human figures in the decoration of the church, you will find the images of animals, birds, plants and geometric figures. The traces of XIX century repairs can be seen in the church.

Tags: #History #Church #Culture #Monastery #Historical Monument

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