17 November, 2021

10 Best Vegetarian Dishes in Georgian Cuisine

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If we have a look at Georgian cuisine, we will find almost all types of dishes. Meat, pastry, sweets, soups, vegetables, Pkhaleuli, and many more. Some of them are prepared only on special days. When you see a Georgian dish, along with the heart, the stomach and eyes are filled with joy, because Georgian dishes have exactly the same good taste as their distinctive visuals.

Many famous Georgian dishes are vegetarian, however, not many people know about it. When thinking about Georgian cuisine, the first things that come into mind are khachapuri, khinkali, and Mtsvadi, but we rarely think of gastronomic products like pkhaleuili and vegetables as vegetarian. In this article, we will talk about the 10 best vegetarian dishes that occupy a special place in Georgian cuisine.


You probably won't find a single person in Georgia who has not tasted this incredibly diverse dish at least once in his lifetime. Ajapsandali is a Caucasian dish, however, it has become such an integral part of the table in Georgia that it can be freely referred to as Georgian.

The dish is made with eggplant, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, garlic, and herbs. It suits almost all types of gourmet tastes and that is why it appears as an active food not only on holidays but also on ordinary days.

Ajapsandali also has a European analog - vegetable saute. The same ingredients are used for this dish as in Ajapsandali.

In order to fully taste the flavor of the dish, it is desirable to serve it with nothing.

Amolesili Lobio (Mashed Beans)

Mashed Beans are widespread throughout Georgia. The dish is found mainly in western Georgia. The dish is mainly typical for western Georgia. Beans, mchadi, and cheese are part of the traditional table for Imereti people. Traditionally, the dish is eaten from a pot, but its taste properties are not lost on the plate as well.

The preparation process is quite long because it requires changing the boiling water periodically. according to the standard, beans are boiled and chopped, after making a porridge mass, they are seasoned and the dish is ready. The name derives from the specifics of its creation

There are different variations of Mashed beans. For example, in Samegrelo, it comes very spicy and in Racha, they serve it with Jonjoli.

Spinach Pkhali

Pkhaleuli is an integral part of the Georgian table. This culinary family has many representatives, including spinach pkhali. This dish is widely used. In addition to the unique taste, visual decoration plays an important role. Pkhaleuli is generally decorated with pomegranate and spinach pkhali is no exception. Minimalistically scattered red pomegranate seeds finally create a beautiful composition.

This vegetarian dish is made with spinach, walnuts, onions, and herbs. In addition to the difference in taste properties from other pkhaleuli dishes, spinach pkhali is also very beneficial for the body. It contains a lot of iron and vitamins, which contribute to the healthy functioning of the immune system.

Spinach pkhali can be served with a variety of things, but the best choice is mchadi. With this combination, traditional flavors come to the fore, which makes the dish more delicious.


Ghomi is the main dish of Megrelian cuisine. Before the corn crop appeared in the world, the Megrelians and the inhabitants of western Georgia, in general, used to make ghomi from the plant named ghomi. Recently, the traditional approach has been abandoned and ghomi has been replaced by gherghili (coarse ground flour). Still, the taste is truly unique.

There are several ways to serve a dish. It can be too dry without any garnish. Ghomi goes very well with beans and Satsivi. It was a daily food in Samegrelo and was eaten at least twice a day. Over time, with the development of cooking, various variations of Ghomi preparation were formed, one of them being Elarji. It is a mixture of Ghomi and Sulguni, which eventually becomes a paste-like elastic mass.

Ghandzili (Wild Garlic)

If you are looking for a vegetarian dish that takes very little time to prepare, then ghandzili is the best solution. According to the traditional Kakhetian preparation, gandzili is mixed with oil and coriander after cooking. After some stirring of these ingredients, the dish is ready.

The plant itself has a very long history. It has been used since ancient times to make tinctures, for food, and for many other purposes. It is saturated with lots of vitamins. This dish has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, regulates metabolism, lowers blood cholesterol levels, and has antimicrobial properties.

In cooking, ghandzili is used both raw and salted, marinated and cooked.


Tutmaji is a traditional dish of Meskhetian cuisine made from simple ingredients. The dough thinned like lavash, is cut into thin strips, boiled in water mixed with matsoni, and finally poured into erbo (Clarified butter). Instead of Matsoni can be used special mass called Deau (The mass remaining after matsoni is churned and the butter is made. And if you do not want to mix erbo, you can also use oil. Finally, a soup-like dish is made in which dough balls swim gently.

One of the outstanding dishes of Javakheti cuisine is still popular today and you will definitely be able to taste it in local restaurants.

Stewed Cabbage

If you want to create a dish of medium difficulty with vegetables, then stewed cabbage is exactly what you need.

The preparation process is divided into two parts. In one place you should cook chopped cabbage in water and oil, in another place onion and garlic with tomato. After preparation, mix these two layers together with the herbs. The dish is ready! The spices depend on your taste.

It is better to serve it with nothing, this will highlight all the taste features that you should definitely experience when tasting cabbage stew.

Eggplant Rolls with Walnuts

The absence of Eggplant Rolls with Walnuts along with Gozinaki and Churchkhela on the Georgian New Year table is unimaginable. This vegetarian dish with its delicious structure is always liked by everyone.

The preparation process is very easy. The dish is made of roasted eggplant, which contains finely chopped walnuts, garlic, onions, yellow flowers, and herbs. The dish is turned into a fluffy mass and gets the final look just like that. Pomegranate is often used to decorate pkhaleuli and eggplant rolls with walnuts is no exception.

If you have not yet tasted this vegetarian representative of Georgian cuisine, you are lucky! All the fun awaits you ahead. You will meet this dish in all Georgian restaurants with different variations.

Cornelian cherry Shechamandi (Soup)

Cornelian cherry Shechamandi is a very nice-looking dish saturated with vitamins. This is how a not-so-forgotten Georgian unique dish can be characterized. Mixing Cornelian cherry and several types of vegetables make it easy to get the final masterpiece. Some say it's a great dish to deal with hang-over, while others just eat it for fun.

Because of its beautiful structure and texture, you will often meet it in high-end restaurants. The dish can be prepared from both cornelian cherry crust and fresh cornelian, as well as from tklapi (traditional Georgian puréed fruit roll-up leather).


You will meet many unique dishes in Megrelian cuisine. But very few of you have heard of the slowly forgotten culinary masterpieces. Martsveni is an important vegetarian dish on this list.

This dish is very easy and quick to prepare. With just 5 ingredients you can create an unforgettable taste. By mixing eggs, flour, sulguni, and milk, a porridge mass is made, which is mixed with baked eggs. You should definitely sprinkle some mint and it is preferable to serve with hot mchadi.

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