05 March, 2019

The Best Things to Do in Georgia Country

Is it your first trip to Georgia and can’t exactly organize your thoughts from where to start exploring the country? Then here we go.

A small country but still so many interesting things to do in Georgia. Starting from viewing many popular destinations you can enjoy some activities as well.

If visiting fascinating places isn’t only the interests of the area, then read the whole article. You may find out new and useful tips.

In this article, we’ll help you to identify what you can do and how to enjoy your traveling in Georgia.

Explore the Old Tbilisi

Old Tbilisi is a historical part of Georgia, and it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations. Did you know that Old Tbilisi has been a candidate on the World Heritage List of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) since 2007?

Surrounded by modern buildings, Old Tbilisi remains to be unique on its way. Once you start walking in the streets of Old Tbilisi, you’ll be more aware of why this place is so much important for the Georgians. The architecture itself is a way that tells a historic story of Old Tbilisi until the XX century.

Get to know Georgian Dishes

Georgian “Supra” – feast, is rich for the mixture of the Georgian appetizers and tradition. And still, you may wonder why the Georgian culinary is spectacular?

Khachapuri became one of the top-100 rated dishes on the TasteAtlas list in 2019. Georgian “Cheese Bread”, which is made with eggs, cheese, butter, and the dough, is the favorite dish for not only for Georgians but for foreigners as well.

Khinkali – Georgian dumpling, is made with minced meat of beef or pork and the dough. If you want to eat Khinkali, you should try to learn the traditional way of eating it. Georgians eat khinkali with their hands which is a strange and interesting fact for tourists.

Churchkhela – candle-shaped candy, made with the juice of grapes, nuts or walnuts is the Georgian traditional sweet. Tourists draw attention to Churchkhela because of the diversity of its characteristic shape and colors.

There are the must-eat Georgian foods that you should eat once in your life.

Taste Georgian Wine

Georgian wine is one of the oldest wine in Europe. Kakheti is the place where the viticulture and the wine-making have been growing since VI millennium BC. The Georgian wine is fermented, stored and aged in Kvevri – Georgian vessel. Georgians used to make wine in that way in the ancient time which is a traditional way of making it.

There are many wine shops in the streets of Old Tbilisi where you can taste Georgian wine. You can visit “Telavi Wine Cellar” in Kakheti, Telavi. ” Tsinandali Wine Cellar” was built in the XIX century and after that lot of locals and tourists visit it in Kakheti, Tsinandali too.

Paragliding in Gudauri

Gudauri is one of the most popular ski resort in Georgia. However, besides skiing, you can enjoy paragliding as well. The landscape and the weather in Gudauri, make it possible to fly over the Georgian mountains with joy. You can fly in good and warm weather in any season in Gudauri.

Skiing and Freeriding

There are several and different ski resorts in Georgia. If you’re an active person, you can ski or freeride in winter. Georgia has good geographical conditions for it. You can ski in Bakuriani, Gudauri, Goderdzi, Tetnuldi, and Hatsvali ski resorts.

If you’re a free rider and want to experience freeride in Georgia, you must know the destinations that would be suitable for it. Hatsvali, Goderdzi and Tetnuldi ski resorts are quite good for freeriding. The snow quality in that resorts is better than in any other ski resort in Georgia. It’ll let you freeride in the Georgian mountains.

Arrange a Trip in Stepantminda (Kazbegi)

Stepantsminda is a must-see destination in Georgia. A lot of people visit Stepantsminda every season. The close location of Stepantminda from the capital, the picturesque views, and landscape are the main reasons why tourists love to be there.

You can go to see “Gergeti Trinity Church” which looks at the whole Kazbegi Municipality from the above. If you love to hike or climb, you’ll able to continue your way to Mount Kazbeg from Gergeti Trinity Church. Mount Kazbek is situated at an elevation of 5054 meters MSL. You can see Mount Kazbeg from every part of Stepantsminda and enjoy the view of it.

Hike in Georgian Mountains

Hiking – walking on the trails, is a way to make your traveling filled with exciting and adventurous moments. Many good destinations are for hiking in the Georgian mountains.

We offer you some of the popular destinations where you can plan your hiking in Georgia.

Khada Gorge is located in the east part of the country. You can explore lots of beautiful churches and monasteries, fortress and towers, valleys and waterfalls.

Truso Valley is located in the northern part of Georgia. Locals don’t live in this place as there’s only ancient and abandoned settlements remained. It’s impossible to find any arboreal plant in Truso valley. Truso is famous for its mineral waters which include hydrocarbons.

Gveleti Waterfall - one of the most wonderful waterfalls is placed in Kazbegi Municipality. Many experienced and beginner travelers visit this place every year.

If you want to savor the beauty of nature, feel the freedom and wander in the mountains, plan your hiking tour in Georgia. See the full list of the routes.

Travel to Mestia

Plan your trip to Mestia, Svaneti which is one of the tourist town lets in Georgia. Why stands out Mestia from the others? Mestia is located in the highest region in Svaneti. The culture and the architecture which you’ll meet there is different from the others.

The combination of Svan towers, architecture, and culture make Mestia unique. The Ssvan towers had defensive significance and played an important role in ancient time. The life quality is high in Mestia, and you’ll have all the necessary resources to make your trip exceptional.

Hatsvali and Tetnuldi resorts are located near to Mestia. So, you’ll have a chance to ski in winter as well.

Which is your favorite activity and which destinations you love the most in Georgia? Share your opinions below in the comment section! We’re always happy to hear from you.

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