29 August, 2018

Top 10 places to see in Georgia

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Georgia became a tourist destination for many reasons. The country can offer different sights, as it has a rich history and a great location in the Caucasus Mountains. Climate in Georgia is a perfect for tourism as weather here is never too cold or too hot. Even if it is cold you can visit winter resorts and if it is hot you can chill on the black sea beach. There are more than 10 places to see in Georgia, but now we tell you 10 out of many.


If you love mountains and clouds under your shoulders Tusheti is a direction for you. Unfortunately this part of the country is approachable only in summer and in early autumn, sometimes it can be reached in May too, it depends on weather. Getting in this historical region of Georgia is quite challenging, it even was featured in a list of world’s most dangerous road in media. But adventures come only when you take the risk, if you travel with experienced Georgian driver there’s nothing to worry. The scenery captivates with breathtaking beauty and the feeling of freedom and peacefulness, overwhelms you. Tusheti is the place you won’t forget.


Vardzia is a mysterious place. It is a cave monastery complex of 12th century built in the epoch of Queen Tamar. The impressive cave monastery was built for defense. Part of Vardzia was destroyed by earthquake. Nowadays monks live in the cave monastery. The engineering skills of people who made 365 rooms in cave makes you wonder.

As there are lots of stairs,you have to be prepared to climb them all and don’t forget to take a water bottle on a hot day. Up in the complex there is a church with frescos. vardzia could be a great place for filming game of thrones or Lord of the rings.


Batumi is a second largest city of Georgia, located on the coast of the Black Sea. The romantic and sunny Batumi is a perfect place for sunbath. Batumi is a charming city offering you lots of entertaining things to do. The city sights can be seen by bicycle. The reason why Batumi costs your attention is that it can offer different kinds of amusements. For example, you can just lie down in "6 may park" near lake, you can read a book or have a nap, or you can try night life of Batumi by visiting clubs, restaurants. Also you can have a walk in boulevard and try some delicious snacks, or you can enjoy black sea, try some extreme entertainment like parasailing and many other water sports.


The city of love is a place to feel in love with Georgia. Signagi is worth visit as it is a beautiful little town with its narrow streets and cozy street cafes. This is a perfect place to try the home-made Kakhetian wines. Sighnaghi has wonderful views on the Alazani valley and the Caucasus Mountains.


Now known as Stepantsminda is another mountainous place in Georgia with a breathtaking scenery of Caucasus Mountains. If you love photography than you will be capturing the beauty of Kazbegi all day long. The place is for nature lovers. Kazbegi is beautiful in every season. While you are in kazbegi don’t miss opportunity to see Gergeti Trinity Church.

Old Tbilisi

Old Tbilisi is a marvelous place for walking. The little streets with its tint of romantic are charming. The little shops and cafes are naturally bland with architecture.

Wandering at the streets of old Tbilisi will never get you bored, cause you come across with little charming yards, beautiful old buildings, mysterious abandoned places and so on. This part of the capital of Georgia offers a lot.

Martvili canyon

This fascinating place is located in Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, in Georgia. It is a place full of waterfalls and limpid water. For more impression, rent a boat to enjoy the beauty of canyon.

Prometheus cave

Prometheus cave which was discovered in 1984 is located near the Georgian town of Tskhaltubo. This incredible cave has underground lakes and rivers, various types of stalactites and stalagmites. The cave has nice and spectacular lighting which gives it a beautiful view. This place is for sure, for exotic and unforgettable memories.

Okatse canyon

Another place to see in Georgia is Okatse canyon which is surrounded by magnificent mountains. The metal and wooden walking trail gives you beautiful views over the canyon. Views of the canyon is very scenic and a pure beauty. While walking through the boardwalk you will see not only the beauty of the trees and mountains, but also some waterfalls.


And last but not least place to visit in Georgia is Svaneti historic province. Svaneti is the highest inhabited area in the Caucasus. The miraculous landscape of Svaneti is dominated by mountains. Svaneti offers a lot for nature lovers, for hikers, for history lovers and for people who what to try delicious food and to get to know with honest locals who live there. Svaneti has medieval watchtowers that are sights to visit there. Wild adventure is another thing that Svaneti can offer you.

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