02 September, 2018

10 things to do in Telavi

Telavi is the heart of Kakheti, as well as the home to several of the world’s famous wineries, art museums, historical and legendary castles, theatre highlighting folk singing and dancing. But, this is not everything, the trip to Telavi leads you to a surprisingly picturesque region to the world of ancient temples, monasteries, rivers and valleys. There are many pleasant discoveries one should make here, let’s start the journey:

  1. Giorgi Chubinashvili Telavi State History and Ethnography Museum- it was founded in 1927, and is situated in the several halls of the King Erekle II. The museum houses King Erekle II’s belongings and numerous archeological, ethnographic, numismatic and textile artifacts. The complex, called Batonis Tsikhe- translated, like the Master’s Fortress, consists of the fence, “the Royal Palace,” dating XVIII century, Thron’s Churches, the ruins of former Philosophic-theological school, built by Erekle II, the King’s bathhouse, (which has painted walls) the unique gates of the west and east walls and also, art gallery. I think, it’s enough for one place..

  2. Nadikvari Park- it has been refurbished and nowadays is one of the most visited places in Kakheti for laisure. There is an open air theater and concert arena built, which is popular in especially in Summer. You will also find walking trails, playgrounds, and of course, wonderful nature. There is everything one needs to rest and have fun at the same time.

  3. Giant Plane Tree- the almost 900 year old tree attracts thousands of visitors’ attention, as it is the oldest and unusual sighting of the city. Its width is about 12 meters and height is 46 meters.

  4. Cholokashvili Street- one of the loveliest streets you can see. As for me, it looks like a European Square, near Rike Park in Tbilisi, so if you love old styled cute balconies, adorned with colorful gates, you should see that street, wonderful pictures can be taken here.

  5. Old Shuamta Complex - is regarded, as the Georgian architectural cluster. The the monastery received its name from its location- it is surrounded from three sides by mountains and has been constructed on the ravine between mountains. (“Shua mta” means between the mountains in Georgian). The Old Shuamta complex consists of three churches- all three of them have been built with cobblestone, for corners- pumice stone has been used.

  6. Alaverdi Cathedral- is the tallest construction (51 meters) among the Medieval Georgian architectural monuments. It is a cross-type, three arch construction. There are three entrances from three sides. There are many inscriptions on the walls of the cathedral. Alaverdi cathedral was one of the most important centers of Georgian literacy. Here was rewritten one of the oldest Georgia manuscripts - Alaverdi Gospels. On September 27, the day of the Holiday of Universal Exaltation of the Cross, is celebrated the Day of Alaverdi,- Alaverdoba.

  7. Ikalto Monastery Complex - consists of 3 churches. Undeviating building of Ikalto Academy has been constructed with cobblestone on the edge of XII-XIII centuries. In the ruins of the Academy one can see some remnants of scientific and educational articles: basis of cathedrals, typical windows with shelves. Blacksmith’s work, ceramics, viticulture and wine production were also taught.

  8. Alexandre Chavchavadze Museum- also known as the Tsinandali house-museum. It belonged to prominent Georgian poet and public figure, Alexandre Chavchavadze. For more information about that “Eden” garden, read the article - Top 5 Museums in Georgia.

  9. Monument of King Heraclius- it is located in the very heart of the city, and is very impressive, one can take wonderful pictures too.

  10. Wineries- we should not forget, that Telavi is the mother of wine making, so there are almost in every steep wonderful, original wine magazines and wineries as well, so you should not miss the chance and taste them.

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