23 August, 2019

Amazing Sites In Batumi That You Should Visit

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The major city of Adjara - Batumi is one of the best tourist places in Georgia. With its ancient and modern architectural buildings, cultural heritage sites, museums, ancient port, seaside boulevard, European squares and streets, botanical garden, dolphinarium, world-class hotels, and cafes, Batumi represents the best image of modern Georgia.

25 most popular places in Batumi and its surroundings


1. Batumi Boulevard

10 km long coastline and park, where there are many bungalows, cafes, lounges, restaurants, children's attractions, and various colorful or dancing fountains. In Batumi Boulevard, planted with unique plants, you will meet stunning sculptures and architectural monuments.


2. The Alphabet Tower

130 meters high, 33-letter tower of the Georgian alphabet, similar to the structural model of a DNA cell. At the top of the tower, there is an information-tourist zone, a rotating panoramic restaurant, an open terrace, and an observatory.


3. Batumi Panoramic Wheel

The symbol of Batumi, 55 meters high panoramic wheel, is one of the best ways to see and perceive the fascinating views and buildings of Batumi. The duration of making one circle of the wheel is 10 minutes.


4. The statue of Ali and Nino

Located at the beginning of the boulevard, a futuristic monument-style statue, that moves and every 10 minutes two figures, a man and a woman, come together.


5. Argo Cable Car

A walk on Batumi funicular. The entertainment complex offers unique views of the city, the Black Sea, and the surrounding mountains. The complex includes restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, open halls, podiums, and roof terraces.


6. Chacha Tower

Chacha Fountain is located at the beginning of the boulevard, issuing free chacha, operates at specified times.

7. Colonnades

An architectural landmark, which has been adoring Batumi Boulevard for 80 years.

8. The Wedding House

The Shark eye-shaped modern wedding palace with fountains and bridges.

9. Medea Statue

A monument to Medea, a Colchian Princess of Greek mythology, is located at Europe Square in the city center, not far from the Astronomical Clock and Neptune Square.

10. Astronomical Clock

One of the symbols of the city, a clock that shows astronomical figures instead of real-time.

11. Neptune Fountain

A fountain of 5 fragments, in the center of which is a gilded statue of Neptune standing on a pedestal.

12. Piazza

A copy of San Marco Square in Venice, a restaurant, hotel, and square; plays live music every evening.

13. Dolphinarium

An entertaining live-show with dolphins. If you pay an additional fee you can as well swim with dolphins.

14. Aquapark

Swimming pool and attraction complex in Batumi seaside.

15. Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

Georgian Orthodox Church with an original architecture; Cultural heritage site of national importance.

16. Church of St. Nicholas

Georgian Orthodox Church, built in the sixties of the XIX century, during the Ottoman rule, is one of the remarkable sights of Batumi.

17. Holy Trinity Church Batumi

8 km away from the center of Batumi. There are extraordinary views of Batumi and the Black Sea from the yard of the newly built Cathedral. Behind the temple is the nunnery.

18. Lake Nuri

A lake of natural origin in the city center, near the Dolphinarium, the lake is encompassed by the “May 6 Park”, also named "Central Park of Batumi". The park has an amazing infrastructure and entertainment sites.

19. Ardagani Lake

A lake on the New Boulevard territory, with a French music dancer fountain. Every evening the fountain becomes a theatrical curtain and represents a magnificent laser show.

20. Dancing Fountains

Dancing and singing fountains on Batumi Boulevard. The musical program includes "Swan Lake" and many other genius compositions.

21. Sea Port

One of the oldest ports in the world. Batumi Yacht Club is also located near the port of Batumi. From here you can take a boat ride and enjoy marvelous views of Batumi from the sea.

22. Botanical Garden

Located 9 km away from Batumi. Here, you can see thousands of plant species. There is no analog in the world of Batumi Botanical Garden in the sense that plant species from completely different climatic and landscape zones coexist here.

23. Gonio Castle

Historical fortress of Gonio-Apsaros (I century). The Gonio fortress has been a museum-reserve since 2010. There are exhibits dated back from the early years of the nineteenth century to the '80s.

24. Petra Castle

You can visit Petra Castle in Tsikhisdziri, on the road from Kobuleti to Batumi. It was built by the Greek John Strathegos in 535 by the order of Emperor Justinian. "Petra” means rock in Greek. According to Georgian historical sources, it is also called Kajeti Fortress.

25. Black Sea Resorts




You can also see many other dazzling places in Batumi. Click the link to see all the places.

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