07 September, 2021

5 Best Places to Visit in Adjara

Diversity - is characteristic not only for Georgia, but also for each of its regions, and in this case for Adjara. The region that had to adapt to changes over the centuries, has been formed as a place full of different cultures, customs, and people. The constant attacks on this region by various invaders, such as Ottomans, Russians, or others, have led to religious diversity in this area; here you can find Catholic and Orthodox churches, as well as mosques.

Nature is also distinguished by its diversity, as we will find the major seaside towns in the area and mountainous, quiet places at the same time. Such a place is Beshumi, which is located in Khulo Municipality, at 1850-2000 meters above sea level. Beshumi adorns the region with its temporary beauty, which lasts only for summer because in winter the road to the destination is covered with snow. 117 km from the city of Batumi and the Batumi bus station, 1 Mayakovsky St, every day at 08:50 a minibus runs in the direction of the resort Beshumi. The fare is 15 GEL. The minibus runs every day from Khulo as well, just 37 kilometers away, and from Khulo bus station. The schedule is moving and depends on the number of passengers. At the resort, you will mainly find the cottages, where 6-7 people can be accommodated. The best time for vacation is the August period because this is the time when the main holiday Shuamtoba ("inter-mountain festival") is held, with its interesting and amusing events.

Batumi - Although the city is the main site of the region, with its stunning, modern architecture, buildings, and active lifestyle, the old part of the city is still twice as interesting as the new one. It is a place where you can find street art, old historical doors, and even the garden of the French landscape gardener Michael D'Alfons, the man who has a huge role in the planting of Batumi greenery.

Just 19 km away from Batumi, an ideal place for adventure lovers - Machakhela gorge is located. It is a historic site with bridges built during the reign of Queen Tamar, several beautiful waterfalls, a national park, and an ethnographic museum. Tourists can also taste local honey and get to know the so-called "Golden Age" of Georgian history.

Gobroneti - Another place for fans of hiking and historical sites. If you decide to visit this place, a great and unforgettable experience is waiting for you, with astonishing views, the Makhuntseti waterfall on the way, the Tamar bridge, and several museums. When traveling in the village, we will go through the wildlife and get acquainted with the area rich in flora and fauna. Due to this, we recommend traveling with a guide or a local. You can get to the village by minibus from Batumi. The transportation fee is 4 GEL.

Finally, one of the most peaceful and family-friendly resorts in the coastal region - Gonio - with a small shoreline and clear water, represents the mountainous region and the seaside at the same time. The resort has many cottages and all kinds of hotels. You can entertain yourself with different activities on the beach. You can also visit Gonio Fortress, which is very close to Sarpi, where you will arrive by taxi or car in a few minutes and find plenty of places to jump off a cliff into the water.

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