17 December, 2018

The Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Georgia

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New Year is one of the important festivals during the whole year, which we wait impatiently for it. Celebrating New Year’s Eve in an unknown place is a good experience for you.

Are you tired of celebrating the New Year at the same places every year? We advise you about the best five places to celebrate New Year in Georgia, which will make your holiday unforgettable.


1. Tbilisi

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia starts the New Year preparation at the very beginning of December. In every street in the city, there are Christmas lights. At this time of year, the central streets of the city look particularly stunning: Freedom Square, Rustaveli Avenue, New Tbilisi, and Old Tbilisi. Around these territories are many Christmas events and everyone despite the age, can enjoy it. Beside this, in these parts of Tbilisi, there are set up open markets, where guests can buy Christmas decorations or souvenirs.

Why Tbilisi? Tbilisi celebrates New Year’s Eve with a gala concert in the central part of the city. At this time, in that place, most of the population gather together to celebrate New Year’s Eve in front of the colorful fireworks and festive party. And so, if you love the destinations that are full of people, many-colored and bright views, Tbilisi is in that list a good choice for you.


2. Mestia

Mestia, administrative and tourist center in Zemo Svaneti is one of the selected destinations to celebrate extraordinarily New Year’s Eve. Mestia, surrounded by the mountains is a beautiful place in the period of New Year holiday. The main Christmas concert is set up in the central part where people celebrate New Year’s Eve. Mestia that is full of Christmas lights, in that period, celebrates New Year’s Eve in a traditional way. The little snow-covered houses and Christmas illuminations at night make the place a magical destination. Mestia stands out from the others because of its culture and architecture. The little houses, Svan towers, Christmas lights, and deep snow create an unbelievably fantastic destination. All you will love is these little things in Mestia that look like they come from fairytales.

Why Mestia? If you can’t imagine New Year without snow, if you love skiing and liking to spend your holiday gladly, you can readily choose Mestia. On New Year’s Day, snow is always in Mestia. If you’re a skier, you should know that Tetnuldi and Hatsvali ski resorts are near to Mestia. So, you’ll be able to enjoy skiing on the longest ski track at Tetnuldi resort. On the highest peak of Hatsvali is a café “Zuruldi” which is popular among the tourists.

From “Zuruldi” you can enjoy the beautiful views of Svaneti and Ushba. If you visit this place during your Christmas holiday, it will leave you speechless. In that period to stay in Mestia, is much cheaper than in any other ski resorts. Thus, if you’re a lover of snow and skiing, willing to spend less money and create unforgettable memories, Mestia is what you need.


3. Batumi

The seaside city, Batumi is a little bit different from the other destinations during the New Year holiday. The streets are spruced up for Christmas, and these stunning decorations create the overall festive mood. The open Christmas markets are arranged in some central streets as well as in Tbilisi. A lot of events and activities held during the New Year holiday. Batumi celebrates New Year’s Eve with a gala concert in the center of the city.

Why Batumi? Batumi is a beautiful city, every season but Christmas time at night is particularly amazing in Batumi. The life in Batumi is active as well as in Tbilisi. Both cities celebrate New Year’s Eve with people standing in the streets. If you love the populous destinations, active lifestyle and the cheerfulness of life Batumi is a great option. If you like the sea and want to celebrate New Year’s Eve at the seaside, it’s going to be great for you. And so, in case you love listening to the sounds of waves and walking on the beach, we recommend spending your Christmas holiday in Batumi.

bakuriani (1)

4. Bakuriani

Bakuriani ski resort, in the Borjomi municipality, is one of the populous ski resort during the New Year holiday. People celebrate New Year’s Eve on the ski tracks and attends at the events at the hotels. On Christmas holidays Bakuriani offers a lot of different kinds of activities unlike other ski resorts of Georgia.

Why Bakuriani? If you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your family or friends and if you love snow or active lifestyle, there is no better place than Bakuriani for you. Bakuriani looks beautiful with Christmas lights. There are a lot of activities for everyone. If you’re going to celebrate New Year’s Eve with children, Bakuriani offers parks for kids, ice rink, sleds, and snowboards. You’ll have an opportunity to rent the cottages and decorate it for Christmas which will create a comfortable environment. It takes around 2 hours to reach Bakuriani ski resort. So, about 2-3 days would be quite enough to spend your holiday there. The transportation opportunities are many that are also a big advantage of why you should choose Bakuriani. And therefore, if you have little time, we recommend to staying in Bakuriani.


5. Goderdzi

Goderdzi ski resort in the Adjara region is one of the unusual destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The Christmas designs, an amazing nature, and the breathtaking views of Goderdzi won’t leave you heartless.

Why Goderzi? If you love deep and big snow, less populated and cozy destinations you may want to experience yourself at Goderdzi ski resort. Goderdzi offers cottages which you can rent and celebrate your New Year’s Eve with your friends. The main advantage of Goderdzi is that you’ll feel the calmness and coziness which is suitable for the Christmas holiday.

We hope, this article will help you to choose the best destination suitable for your interests and budgets to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Georgia.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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