02 February, 2019

5 Best Winter Destinations of Georgia

Winter is one of the beautiful seasons, which offers picturesque views in Georgia to non-skiers. Winter with its seasonality is different in every part of the country.

Winter resorts are divided by locations, and every resort has its unique conditions and requirements. So, it’s important to choose wisely the best destination for your winter vacation.

Are you a non-skier and want to spend your holiday in Georgia? We recommend the best 5 destinations in Georgia, which we hope help you to have a great vacation.


Stepantsminda (Kazbegi)

Do you know that Stepantsminda is one of the best tourists destinations in Georgia? A lot of tourists visit Stepantsminda in summer as well as in winter. Stepantsminda is located in Kazbegi Municipality, at an elevation of 1880 meters above the sea level. It only takes 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Stepantsminda from Tbilisi. Also, you can go to Didube Bus Station and go by minibus. The price of transportation is about 10 Gel.

Stepantsminda is a little but wonderful destination surrounded by the mountains. If you’re a non-skier you can find a different kind of activities in Stepantsminda. The snow sometimes comes at the very beginning of October. The snow-covered Stepantsminda will leave you speechless. If you love nature and the places surrounded by the mountains, you can enjoy the amazing views of Kazbegi.

The main priority of spending your vacation in Stepantsminda is that there are a lot of notable places. You can visit the Gergeti Trinity Church from where you’ll fall in love with the view of Stepantsminda. Near to this is the Mount Kazbek which is 5054 meters MSL. You can also visit the Dariali Gorge where is placed the astonishing Dariali Monastery Complex.

There are plenty of choices to stay in Stepantsminda. You can book your rooms at 5-star hotels, hostels or just rent the rooms from the locals. And, even better if you love being with your friends and having coffee time with them. There are several cozy and little cafes which are ideal for the winter vacation.

Shortly, if you love nature, culture and fascinating destinations, Stepanstminda would be a good destination for you.



Bakuriani is one of the most popular ski destinations, and a large number of tourists and locals visit it every year. If you want to go to Bakuriani, you’ll need about 2 hours.

You may think that the Bakuriani ski resort is only for the skiers. That’s not true, Bakuriani is rich for its diverse activities. If you’re not a skier and have an adventurous spirit feel free to go to Bakuriani. There are many alternatives to stay in Bakuriani. You can stay at hotels, rent a home or even a cottage with your friends and family members. As Bakuriani is full of activities, there are snowboards, sleds, ski lifts, restaurants, cafes, and skating rink.

The snow-covered coniferous forest, a lot of holidaymakers, joyfulness and different kind events create an ideal place for your vacation. Because of its location and activities, Bakuriani is a great destination for non-skiers.

ბორჯომი-ხარაგაულის ეროვნული პარკი


The balneological resort town – Borjomi is one of the good places for Georgians. It’s about 155 km away from Tbilisi, and you’ll need around 2 hours to go to Borjomi ski resort.

The resort is famous for its mineral waters. However, that’s not only the priority of the resort. Borjomi is a perfect place as there are many cultural and historical monuments. You can have a walk with your friends in Central Park of Borjomi. Near to the park is a cable lift from where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Borjomi.

You can explore many historical monuments in Borjomi and have fun at the same time. You’ll be able to visit Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park.

May you know that there are several holiday resorts near to Borjomi. Bakuriani, Tsemi, Likani, Tsaghveri are close to Borjomi. So, you can plan additional small excursions from there in your free time.

You can go to Bakuriani by “Kukushka” – a little train, which goes an amazing road to Borjomi. It’ll take only 30 minutes to go up to the resort. And trust us, that will be a great choice as you know you can find many activities there.

The reason why Borjomi is in that list is that it’s not far from Tbilisi and Borjomi is surrounded by many holiday resorts. If you plan to spend your vacation in winter actively then going in Borjomi is a good alternative. Don’t forget to visit the landmarks of Borjomi to make your holiday memorable and interesting.



The resort Shovi is located on the southern slope of Greater Caucasus mountain, in the upper Racha. Shovi is covered with a mix of coniferous forest. It takes 4 hours and 30 minutes to go to Shovi from the capital of Georgia.

You can stay at the hotels or rent the house in Shovi. You know, despite the fact, that there are fewer opportunities to have activities in Shovi , still it looks like the magical place. The main advantage of Shovi is its climate. It has natural treatment conditions for several diseases. That is the reason why many people come to Shovi every season.

So, you may find yourself very comfortable in a peaceful destination with amazing landscapes. Racha, Shovi is a spectacular place for you if you love nature and cozy destinations.



Mestia is an administrative center in the Zemo Svaneti. You’ll need around 7 hours to go to Mestia from Tbilisi. Mestia is located at the elevation of 1550 meters above the sea level.

Mestia always looks amazing every season. The marvelous views of Svaneti, the different architecture and culture make Mestia different place from the others.

You’ll have a fascinating impression after visiting Mestia because of its wonderful nature. The life quality is high, and it won’t be hard to make a living there. There are a lot of diverse activities, and you can enjoy with your friends. And what’s significant while planning the vacation, the prices aren’t high in Mestia.

If you don’t have decided whether to go to Mestia, imagine yourself in a completely different continent. And still, sometimes the curiosity should be satisfied.

Georgia is full of adventures, and it offers a lot of activities to its travelers for the winter vacation. Plan your holiday in Georgia and share your experiences with us!

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