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Alphabet Tower - 130 meters high, with 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet, similar to the DNA model of a cell structure in Batumi. The tower is one of the best modern architectural buildings dedicated to the Georgian alphabet.

The alphabet tower is located in Boulevard. It is one of the best places to watch the city panoramas. There is an information-tourism zone on the top of the tower, a rotating panoramic restaurant, an open terrace and an observatory. The panoramic restaurant rotates 360 degrees and guests have an opportunity to enjoy sceneries of Batumi in an hour. There are also conference rooms and VIP rooms in the tower.

The visitors to the observatory and panoramic restaurant have a chance to see the whole city, mountains and the Black Sea from the Alphabet tower.

The Spanish company CMD Ingenieros worked on the construction of the tower and the architect of the tower is Alberto Domingo Cabo. He is also the architecture of the Kutaisi Parliament. Alphabet Tower was built in 2011.

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