03 March, 2019

15 Best places in Kutaisi and around it

Kutaisi is one of the oldest towns in the world. It is located in the central part of Georgia, Imereti Region and is known as cultural an educational center. Its location and history attract visitors. Nowadays Kutaisi is the third largest town in Georgia and one of the popular tourist's destination.

15 best places to see in Kutaisi and over the Imereti Region

1. Bagrati cathedral

Bagrati cathedral - Virgin Mary's Church, which has a special place with it’s architectural and artistic dignity in the history of Georgian architecture. Historically, it is a symbol of united Georgia.

2. Prometheus cave

Limestone generated cave, which is distinguished with beautiful shapes. Here you will see special shaped Stalactites, stalagmites, Stalagnates, Helictites and cave waterfalls.

Prometheus cave differs from other caves with its wide corridors. There are 17 different size halls. The cave has two exits one ends with the river, which you can travel by boat, the second exit is walkable and takes us from the cave hall outside.

3. Botanical Garden

Kutaisi Botanical Garden was founded in the middle of the 19th century. Botanical garden flora consists of 700 species of plant, with trees and bushes from all over the world floral regions. Here you can see 210 plant species that are part of 80 botanical families.

It is a place where you can rest, breathe the clean air and take good photos. In summer times you can attend open space movie shows and listen to folk music.

4. Gelati monastery

The medieval Georgian architectural monument was founded with the help of David the Builder in 1106. It is the Georgian king's place of burial. Gelati monastery was an educational center through centuries. Here are a large number of frescoes and manuscripts of the 12th and 17th centuries.

Gelati monastery complex is in UNESCO list of world heritage.

5. Sataplia

Sataplia guarantees an amazing sight from the prehistoric time (120 million years old) footprints of dinosaurs to karst caves. Its greatness causes amazement and with its meaning has the lead place in the world.

Here you can see the cave, the dinosaur conservation building, the museum, the exhibition halls, and the glass panoramic view on the spectacular scenery of Imereti region. Sataplia is a well-equipped place for visitors.

6. Motsameta monastery

Motsameta's architectural complex is located 6 km east of Kutaisi, in the valley of Tskaltsitela, in the village of Motsameta.

In the temple on the left side of the altar, the ruins of Sant David and Konstantine are rested. There is a XVIII century tradition called Motsametoba(Ortsifoba), which is celebrated annually on 15th of October on their day of commemoration.

7. Navenakhevi Cave

Navenakhevi is the 250 meter-long, two-floor high cave which has 4 halls. It is rich with a unique and beautifully shaped Stalactites, stalagmites and Stalagnates. The cave has a dead-end because of the 7-meter thick stalagnate.

Navenakhevi cave territory is equipped with eco-touristic infrastructure. It is possible to arrange a variety of activities and have a good time.

8. Niko berdzenishvili historical-ethnographic museum

In the museum, there are unique samples of the cultural heritage of the country from B.C. IX-VII cc to late medieval times. Among them are Bronze Age and antic period monuments representing history and culture of Georgian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and eastern countries discovered by archeologist on the west part of the Georgia, including the collection of ancient epigraphic monuments and unique Georgian manuscripts, ethnographic materials, notable items of gold, metal, ceramics, leather, glass, tissue and wood.

9. Okatse canyon

Okatse canyon route is very interesting for extreme lovers. It has a pedestrian route which goes through Dadiani historical forest, 780 m length hanging trail and finishes with panoramic view, where visitors can take memorable photos by Smart-Selfie Camera, installed nearby.

10. Okatse (kinchkha) waterfall

Okatse (kinchkha) waterfall is one of the most distinctive monuments of Georgia's protected areas. It is located in khoni municipality, near village khinchkha. To reach the okatse waterfall follow the marked trail.

11. Geguti Palace

Geguti palace is Georgian national monument of architecture, the castle of the kings. The oldest records on Geguti Palace are from the VIIIth century.

Here you can see the remains of kings palace that tell us about that time. Near the palace there are picnic areas, where you can relax and enjoy the view.

12. Tskaltubo

Tskaltubo is one of the oldest resorts in the world. It is known for underground healing hot water, which cures different diseases. Cure water is used for prevention and is called “water of life”.

Spring Park – Curative Water Park that has a bath, children’s entertainment center, coniferous forest, and a pleasant environment, where you can relax and recover.

Giorgi Akhvlediani Tskaltubo local museum - The museum has the rich archeological findings of excavations in Tskaltubo including period from the Paleolithic to the late Feudal. The museum is located near the spring park.

13. Gabzaruli lake

The monument of nature which is a real wonder. A lake is located under the deep fissure placed on a hill which is covered by leafy forest. Here is also an entrance of the cave.

To reach the lake, you need climbing equipment, because the path in the fissure is steep and wet, even though you will be satisfied with what you see.

14. Muhkhura waterfall

Three staged 60-70 meters high waterfall, which comes from the cave. In the cave, there is a big and a little lake. The shore of the waterfall is covered by mixed broadleaf forest.

15. Leisure and Amusement Parks

In Kutaisi center part there are leisure and amusement parks. You can walk in the old parts of the city, travel through the cable car and look out the city from above.

Historical places in the center of the town:

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