02 September, 2018

Do I need a Visa to visit Georgia ?

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Planning a visit to Georgia with the purpose of tourism or business? You must know from where to begin and how to begin. Some may think that it’s the same process as they did in other countries. For example: First is, by obtaining a visa of course. So, what do you need to get a visa? Collect documents, more documents, still more documents, even more documents and then, stand in the line waiting forever... Just like, Samuel Beckett's characters were waiting for Godot (kidding, of course) that’s boring, right? But, here, in Georgia, it’s not like that anymore.

Nowadays, as Georgia is very popular among tourists, it will be useful to explain some easy ways how to get  here. On 1 September, in 2014 Georgia’s government changed the rules and stared up new Visa Policy. Now you can get a visa in five minutes, yes, you read it correctly. It’s really 5 minutes. That’s not everything. You can get a visa while you are at home, comfortably nestled in your armchair, or at the office, in the car, or even while you are on your bicycle. Sounds great right? All you have to do is simply visit the e-visa website. Then, you must choose the country of your citizenship and indicate the purpose of your trip. (You know, Georgian people are so hospitable, so we make it easier almost for everyone).

But very seldom, it’s not for everyone. The reason is that that government had  defined the list of countries, whose citizens can enter Georgia’s border without visa and whose- not).  You should mark the duration of your stay in Georgia and agree to the terms and conditions. Then all you have to do is to fill your personal information and upload the required documents. You must confirm, that the information provided  is accurate and from now you can just get up and start packing your suitcase. Soon, you will receive your electronic visa by email. That’s how it works. 

what else is important for foreigner?   Maybe Types of Georgian visa?

A foreigner who meets the requirements and conditions set forth for the issuance of a Georgian visa can be granted a single- or multiple-entry visa.

A single-entry short-term visa is issued according to the length of stay requested on the visa application form, but for a stay of no more than 30 days.

A multiple-entry short-term visa is issued for the duration of maximum five years. At the same time, the entry and the total length of stay of a foreign citizen shall not exceed 90 calendar days within the 180 day period. 

A multiple-entry short-term visa is issued to the foreigner who has been in Georgia at least once during the previous year and has grounds for applying for a short-term multi-entry visa.

Long-term visa shall be issued with the right to multiple entries in the country, for the term of 90 calendar days, for 1-year validity period and for the term the person will be staying in Georgia. Long-term visa for a 1-year validity period shall be issued only for d5 category immigration visa.
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