29 July, 2021

What to see in Kazbegi on weekends

VIsiting Kazbegi on weekends can never be enough. The charm of this place will make you want to visit the beautiful places of mountainous Georgia many more times. There are so many things to do and visit here, that it is difficult to pick one, but in two days it is possible to achieve more than you can imagine.

In Kazbegi you will find many historical buildings, clean water, waterfalls, lakes, marvelous views, and most importantly - mountains, mountains, and mountains. Almost everything here is hidden in the mountains. During the weekend trip to Kazbegi, you can go rafting, horse riding, cycling, and many other activities. The thing is, what do you want to try the most?! The two-day voyage to Kazbegi starts with breathing the cool air of the very first highland settlement.

Facts about Kazbegi

This municipality is located in the eastern part of Georgia, in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. The administrative center of Kazbegi is Stepantsminda.

The municipality consists of 5 communities: Gudauri, Sno, Kobi, Goristsikhe, and Sioni.

In Kazbegi, winters are cold and dry, and summers are cool, so supplying warm clothes is always a good idea.

The nature here is rich with glaciers, rivers, mountains, and lakes. The river Tergi, which runs for 85 kilometers through the municipality, should be specially noted, as well as the magnificent landscape of the glacier, hiking on which is almost every traveler's wish.

What to VIsit in Kazbegi

It is already morning. You are ready to travel to one of the highest regions of Georgia. You can't wait to see the huge mountains watching you and to walk on the unique lands of the mountains. But, the most interesting and amazing thing is that the journey starts before arriving in Kazbegi. On the way, there is Zhinvali Reservoir and Ananuri Fortified Castle, which you should visit. This is the most enjoyable and exciting start of travel among travel histories.

Zhinvali Reservoir

This huge, blue, and unique landscape is 70 kilometers away from Tbilisi and is the first place to visit on the Kazbegi road. The huge reservoir of water between the ridges will assure you that you have found yourself in a truly amazing place. The environment is so wonderful that you can even think of staying here for a second.

Ananuri Fortress

Ananuri fortress "proudly takes" an honorable place among the well-preserved historical monuments of Georgia. This area is unique not only for its beauty, views, and history but is also a source of inspiration for many artists. The ridges create huge panoramic views, making it ideal for capturing memories. On the territory of the complex, we will meet many interesting buildings: a mining tower, a bath, a bell tower, large and small temples.

Gergeti Trinity Church

Gergeti Trinity, located 1 km from Kazbegi, always amazes visitors with its location, artistic craftsmanship, and astonishing environment. Hidden in the beautiful nature, the church, located on the top of the mountain, will leave you with unforgettable memories. Gergeti with its celestial beauty will fill you with unique emotions and feelings. The environment here is white in winter and green in summer. The church is still functioning and it is possible to attend religious rituals. In the church, you will find paintings dating back to the XVI century, on which the image of St. Nino can be detected.

Gveleti Waterfall

This amazing place is magical with all its parts. At first glance, you will get the impression that this is truly a gift from the universe and soon it will be proved too. It is very easy to reach the Gveleti Waterfall. It is only 7 kilometers away from Kazbegi and up to a 1-kilometer long foot trail. There is a special campsite, where you can camp, unwind and enjoy the beautiful views. In this place, you will find yourself in a fairytale world. Somewhere far away, in the sky, you will even notice the eagles flying.


For some, it is a mountainous adventure, while for others it is a place for relaxation and entertainment. Juta offers many opportunities to get to know Kazbegi better. The village is located 2200 meters above sea level, on the southern slope of the main ridge of the Caucasus mountains. You can ride a horse while watching the magnificent views of Chaukhebi. Juta is 20 kilometers away from Stepantsminda and is worth a visit. In summer and the first half of autumn, rafting is also possible in Juta.

Tina Lake

Tina Lake, same as Juta Lake, is another astonishing creature of Kazbegi nature. The lake located at the bottom of Chaukhebi belongs to the village of Sno and is quite easy to find. Like other sights of Kazbegi, it is also hidden in the mountains and creates an amazing panoramic view. You can also visit Juta Waterfall very close to Tina Lake.

Truso Valley

Infinitely large and colorful meadows, high towers, old settlements, and temples whispering interesting stories. This is a part of the sights of Truso valley, which you must visit during your stay in mountainous Georgia. The valley is one of the highest parts of Kazbegi. This place is rich in mineral waters, the healing properties of which are well-known. Visiting Udziro Tba (bottomless lake) is one of the most common goals for travelers. It is interesting for its surroundings, beauty, and history. The gorge is guarded by the nuns of the Truso Convent. Here you can visit the historic buildings and hear many wonderfully told legends about this place. You can also see all this by cycling in Truso Valley.


The resort area located near the confluence of the Black and White Aragvi is a place for tourists to enjoy beautiful views and be filled with positive emotions. There is a real alpine climate here and that is what gives it a unique charm. There are various cultural-educational institutions, a library, a hospital, and a hotel in Pasanauri. After enjoying the views and the air, you can raft on Aragvi and discover new emotions.


Most people in Georgia think of the snowy Gudauri when hearing the word- mountain. It is interesting that, in addition to skiing and snowboarding, there are other, no less extreme and adrenaline-rush activities. If you have ever dreamed of flying like a bird in the air, then paragliding is the ideal choice. For a while, you will feel yourself in the ranks of the birds that fly freely above the mountains of Kazbegi.

What to Eat in Kazbegi

Georgia is distinguished by diverse cuisine. The Kazbegi region is on this large and delicious list with its unique local dishes. Based on local tastes and techniques of preparation specific culinary works are created. After an exhausting but enjoyable voyage, it is a tradition to try perfect dishes in Kazbegi.


Khinkali, as the most popular Georgian dish, is widespread and it can be said that Kazbegi is the home of this creation. Here khinkali is made with chopped meat. The juicy creation, full of appetizing ingredients, awaits for you to taste it. According to legend, Kazbegian Khinkali is the most delicious one.

In Kazbegi you will find many restaurants and relatively small food outlets where you will be able to taste the real khinkali. There are standard and affordable prices for all types of visitors.


What is a symbol of Kazbegi if not Pkhlovana? The perfect mix of cheese and spinach has stood the test of time and today speaking about the baked goods in the mountainous region of Georgia, we think of Pkhlovana first. This dish needs specific dough. It is a worthy, different, and, most importantly, delicious representative of Khachapuri. Pkhlovana is eaten hot to maintain its unique taste as much as possible.

Pkhlovana can be tasted in almost all local restaurants. This dish is highly respected in Kazbegi and the amazing aroma of beet, spinach, and cheese comes out of the families almost every day, which eventually turns into a Kazbegian masterpiece.

Kada-Gasatekheli (Georgian sweet pastry)

The sweet member of the mountainous Kazbegian cuisine, Kada-Gasatekheli, has mainly a ritual purpose, but it is also good for common dinners. The locals bake Kada on the holiday "Khatoba". The ingredients are not significantly different from the standard Kada, but here the main secret ingredient is the art of preparation. The Kada has a round shape. During the holiday, these sweets are cut into 4 pieces, one of which stays in the church, one is taken home, and the rest are given to guests. Considering the size of the pastry, the two pieces of it are not small at all. So, you can wait for the baking of Kada, which has a magical charm.

Savory Juice

And here is another delicious member of the traditional culinary list of mountainous Kazbegi, a dish made of mutton - Savory Juice. In addition to potatoes and boiled mutton, thyme is used in the preparation, which is found only in the alpine zones, and its aroma gives the dish the characteristic taste, because of which, the Savory Juice has become unique in the mountainous region. After cooking, Savory Juice is consumed hot.


Tasting this dish will take you back to the distant past for a while. For many, Makhokhi, and for some, just peasant soup is slowly being forgotten in the culinary world. In the past, mostly, poor peasants were fed with this dish, but due to its specific manner of preparation and ingredients, Makhokhi has preserved so far.

This dish is rarely found in local food outlets. Mostly, it is prepared in families, but it is also possible that restaurants will offer you a soup that is almost forgotten. Because of the combination of ingredients and simplicity of preparation, Makhokhi is one of the low-budget dishes.

How to Get to Kazbegi

There are many ways to get to Kazbegi, with both low and high budgets. The choice of transport depends on what you want to see on the weekend and what type of travel you prefer.

Passenger Car

Of course, one of the most convenient ways to travel is by car. At this time you can combine your desires, collect everything that you may need in Kazbegi and you won't have to think about anything. It will take you about 3 hours from Tbilisi to Kazbegi by car, but on the way, you will be able to visit all the interesting places and I assure you, there will be many of them.

You can also hire a driver who will serve you all day and take you wherever you want. He will offer you good and must-see places. This type of travel will cost you more compared to other destinations, but you will reach a maximum comfort level.


Traveling by minibus is one of the most low-budget ways to travel to Kazbegi. Transportation is possible from Didube and Station Square, which will cost you 10 GEL. It should be noted that if you are planning to explore Kazbegi only on weekends and you are also going to return by minibus, it is necessary to find out the minibus schedule.


There are many comfortable and various tours to visit Kazbegi on weekends. Which one you choose, depends on your goal. If you are wondering about Juta, here, in addition to hiking, you will be able to ride a horse and raft. If you want to visit historical places, Gergeti Trinity and many other sights are waiting for you. You can also visit the beautiful valley of Truso on foot or by bike. The cost of the tours varies from 20 to 900 GEL. It depends on the length and complexity of the tour. 2-day tours are budget-friendly and you will be able to visit the most beautiful mountainous region of ​​Georgia.

Where to stay in Kazbegi

If you are planning a trip to Kazbegi on weekends, at the end of a pleasant first day, you will want to stay in a comfortable environment. There are many beautiful cottages, hotels, or campsites for spending the night, where the hosts will always take care of your comfort. You will be perfectly hosted here and you will be able to enjoy the mountain environment and tranquility as much as possible.

There are many hotels and cottages for different types of people and budgets, which you will easily find. It depends on your desire and expectations, where you would enjoy resting.


You will find many small wooden cottages in Kazbegi and its surroundings. The purpose of the cottages is to stay in a comfortable place with a low budget, in a cold environment. Living in cottages makes you feel closer to nature.

Here you will meet standard types of cottages, where you will get all the comfort necessary for a peaceful and perfect vacation. There are also relatively expensive cottages, which with their interiors and exteriors are at their finest. Fantastic views overlooking Gergeti Trinity, the glacier, and the Kuro summit are worth the high price. The price of cottages in Kazbegi starts from 40 GEL.


If you want to stay in a less "extreme environment", in quiet, comfortable rooms full of all the necessary equipment and inventory, then hotels are for you.

The price of hotels in Kazbegi starts from 50 GEL and depends on their quality and location. Low-budget hotels create all the conditions for a comfortable stay with tidy rooms and maximum compliance with sanitary measures. High-budget hotels promise such comfort that you couldn't wish for more. You will be amazed by the beautiful landscapes and the varied cuisine.


If you want to get as close to nature as possible, then camping with tents is an ideal solution. Despite the cool weather, there are plenty of places to stay. With relatively less comfort you will be able to get much more pleasure and return full of happiness.

In Juta, you will be able to spend your vacation period exactly as you wish. The camping area is located 200 kilometers from Tbilisi at 2300 meters above sea level. The camps are equipped with electricity, hot and cold water, bathrooms, and food made with natural products. Vacation prices in the camping zone start from 30 GEL.

There is something magical at this height!

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