27 June, 2020

Hiking places near Tbilisi

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Tbilisi and its surroundings are distinguished by diverse hiking places. Here the beautiful nature and the monuments of ancient culture merge, which allows us to plan different types of hikes. If you want to unwind and travel, you can not go far from the city and you are interested in hiking near Tbilisi, the choice is quite broad.

Here you can arrange hiking or cycling tours, or you can choose a place where you can get by transport and spend a pleasant time with friends. Forest paths, waterfalls, lakes, castles, ancient temples, and wonderful panoramic views are attractive to adventure lovers. People with different interests and preferences can find the desired trail or sightseeing in Tbilisi and in surrounding areas.

Tbilisi National Park is one of the best places for hiking, which offers visitors a variety of routes and types of hiking (hiking, cycling, horseback riding). There are picnic areas, tents, and fire extinguishers in Tbilisi National Park. Here you will find a variety of flora and fauna, as well as interesting cultural monuments. Popular trails on the territory of Tbilisi are Turtle Lake - Nightingale Swamp, Turtle Lake - Turtle Lake hillock, Kojori - Algeti - Vere watershed - Udzo Mountain, and others. Enjoy beautiful forest trails and extensive views along these routes!

Near the city, there is a Chili Lake, which is visited by nature lovers in different seasons of the year wandering or fishing. There are a wide variety of walking routes near Tbilisi: Kojori - Ghobani, Kiketi - Elfia - Kaben, Tsveri Church, etc. On these trails, you will visit the Kabeni and Asureti waterfalls, cultural and historical monuments, beautiful forests and meadows, and beautiful views in front of you. If you are interested in a bicycle tour, you will find many interesting destinations near the city: Mokhisi - Didgori - Chili Lake, Mamkoda - Norio, Shavnabada - Krtsanisi, Kojori - Borbalo, and others. In the suburbs of Tbilisi, you will definitely discover something new, a place that you will love and you will want to visit again.

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