22 February, 2019

Gas stations in Georgia

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Filling up with fuel in Georgia is usually easy. When you get into the petrol station, however there can be some language barriers with filling up. Here is some useful information which you should take into account while traveling via car in Georgia.

Type of service


Gas stations in Georgia are not self-served. You don’t have to leave your vehicle to fill up the tank.

While buying gas, make sure you know what type of gas your car takes.

Common gas stations

There are several popular branded companies in Georgia that provide petrol such as: Wissol, Lukoil, Socar, Rompetrol, Gulf, Frego .

Grade(s) of Gasoline

Super (98)

Premium (95)

Euro Regular (92)

Euro Diesel

Accepted Payment

Cash/Credit card

Most service stations throughout Georgia will accept credit cards as payment.

Take into consideration that small stations take only cash.



When to pay

Typically drivers pre-pay with the cashier, but sometimes you pay after filling up.


In Georgia, you buy gas by the liter. The prices vary due to a brand and quality. The cost of fuel has risen in recent years, fuel in Georgia costs approximately 1$ per liter. Remember that diesel prices are now often higher in many places.

For actual price and station locations you can check these links:




Best fuel quality

Rompetrol is a Romanian company which provides the best quality fuel in Georgia. But they have a higher price compared to other gas stations.

Cheapest gas stations

The cheapest branded gas station is Frego. They have around 15% less price than other brands. You can find cheaper prices in smaller gas stations (unknown brands).

Should you tip?

You are not obliged to give a tip for filling a tank.

Ev charger

Electric vehicles are not a common thing in Georgia, but it gets more and more popular these days. There are several EV chargers scattered around Georgia.


In Georgia there are lots of gas and compressed natural gas (CNG) Stations. Most gas stations are open 24/7. Note that not all the stations have toilets, even if they have toilet, it’s not in a good condition. It’s better to use restaurant toilets, rather than the ones at station.

Take into account, that in the countryside, gas stations can be fewer and farther apart. Don’t miss out Batumi’s and Gori's gas stations which have ranked the world’s 10 best.

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