28 August, 2018

Public Transport in Tbilisi - Tickets, Fares, Maps

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4 main questions for safe and cheap travel

Question #1 – how to get from point A to point B?

Tbilisi public transport covers subway, bus and microbus. It does not matter where you start and end your journey, price is always the same.

You can use the route planners to travel inside Tbilisi:

Unlikely to European countries, taxi service in Georgia is quite affordable. Price from Tbilisi international airport to any point in the city, should not be over 25 GEL. If taxi driver asks for more, it means that he tries to benefit of the situation. There are more than 10 taxi companies available on the market, where you can call and book a taxi; they will inform you about the rate in advance.

In order to cross the whole city you will need about 15 GEL and 5-7 GEL inside the city transportation. Basically, mean of payment is cash, but some of the taxis are equipped with payment terminals. We suggest to keep small notes, because it is often that drivers don’t have (or they pretend) the change and you have to pay more.

Taxi Service:

  • Toyota-Taxi - Application not available - +995 32 2511;
  • Reno taxi - Application not available - +995 32 2306060;
  • Taxify Georgia - Application available - http://taxify.eu/cities/tbilisi ;
  • Tbilisi City Taxi -Application not available +995 2 2717 717 ;
  • GG Georgia - Application available - https://www.ggtaxi.com/ - +995 32 2200200;

Question #2 – how to pay for public transport

  • subway - ttc.com.ge - price 0.5 GEL - transport card - travel during one hour after 1st payment is free;
  • bus - ttc.com.ge - price 0.5 GEL - transport card, coins - travel during one hour after 1st payment is free;
  • microbus - transport card, coins, cash - price 0.8 GEL - second and after payments during a day rate is lower and costs only 0.65 GEL

You can buy transport cards and charge them in the teller’s offices on subway stations. Payboxes could also be used for transport card charge.

Question #3 – Mobile operators and their rates?

There are three mobile service providers in Georgia and the difference between their rates is not material.

  • Magti- http://magticom.ge/ (Service center at Tbilisi internation Airport 20:00 (8 PM) – 10:00 (10AM) - Except public holidays)
  • Geocell - https://geocell.ge/en (Service center at Tbilisi internation Airport 24/7 breaks:12:30-13:00, 16:30-17:00, 00:30-01:00 და 04:30-05:00)
  • Beeline -http://beeline.ge/en-us/tbilisi/customers/mobile?custom=async (Service center at Tbilisi internation Airport Mon-Fri; 10:00-19:00 wekent: 10:00-17:00).

Question #4 – From which station can I go out of the city

In order to take the transport to the direction of some other parts of country/cities you have to use the following bus-stations:

  • Kakheti region – (Telavi, Sighnaghi, Sagarejo, Akhmeta – Ortachala and Isani bus-stations, Isani subway station)
  • Lower Kartli region (Marneuli, Bolnisi) – Central railway station, Ortachala bus-station, Navtlughi (Samgori metro station lower entrance)
  • Samstkhe-Javakheti region (Akhaltsikhe, Aklalkalaki, Ninotsminda, Abastumani, Vardzia) – central railway station, Didube bus-station (Didube subway station is the same)
  • Inner Kartli and West part of Georgia (Mtskheta, Kaspi, Gori, Kareli, Khashuri, Sachkhere, Kutaisi, Zestafoni, Chiatura, Batumi, Lanchkhuti, Zugdidi) – Central railway station, Didube bus-station (Didube subway station is the same)

You can contact online to the following transport companies:

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