28 August, 2018

The Best GPS Application For Hikers

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We, who love hiking and wandering around the nature, used to come across the same problem: we need a hopeful guide, which will show us the right way, and won’t betray us in the most hard time. As I had already had a Smartphone, I didn’t think about buying other additional equipment and decide to fit up my phone with appropriate applications. After many, many attempting and many failures, as well, I discovered the application ViewRanger, which is highly relevant to my demands and needs.

The main demands/criterias, according to I, as a hiker, used to choose the applications:

  • Topographic offline map (in mountainous regions there is a problem of communications);
  • The opportunity of adding interesting places (POI – Point of Interest);
  • The opportunity to write down the motions (Track Record);
  • Application reliability (error, crash -the security from problems)
  • The opportunity to add a route.
The application is able to succeed in all those demands. I should also mention, that it is really very reliable. It has been more than a year, that I’m using this application, and it has never ever “kneel down" (error, crash).

The application, on the other side the basic demands, has also its web platform, where you can:

  • Paint a route on the map and transfer it into your mobile (mobile and web platform are synchronized and this way, you don’t have to transfer the files with your own hands);
  • To create a route by an old recording;
  • Search and write down the routes, created by other hikers;
  • Look through your own routes, particularly (track). This information includes the passed distance, the distance of the vertical line, estimating of vertical line motion, the average speed and so on...

This application is compatible with GPX format, as well as with the web platform. GPX format is one of the most distinguished and free formation.

The application is affordable for Android and iOS.

Here you can see the instruction of the main operations.

Which application would you recommend and why?

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Ucha Gviniashvili
Ucha Gviniashvili

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