07 October, 2022

Georgia - God's Back Garden

Georgia Overview

Georgia is a Transcaucasian country where the official tourism bureau has only slowly become popular in recent years.

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Overview of Georgia

1. Where is Georgia?

Georgia is located on the border of Eurasia, on the coast of the Black Sea. It is bordered by Russia to the north and Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan to the south.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, it became an independent country. Together with Armenia and Azerbaijan, they are collectively known as the three Transcaucasus countries.

This is an Eastern European country that has gradually gained a little reputation in the past two years, but its tourism resources are extremely rich

2. 5 Reasons to Visit Georgia

(1) This is a relatively small country, but it was once rated as one of the ten safest countries in the world (the safety factor is the third in the world)

(2) From the perennial snow in the Caucasus, to the calm and blue Black Sea coast, from the wine town to the Orthodox church, Georgia has the reputation of "God's Back Garden"

(3) Georgia's territory is not large, but it is an ancient country with a special culture.

(4) The visa here is cheap and easy to handle.

(5) Most of the people here are kind and simple, so there is no need to worry about being cheated here.

(6) One of Lonely Planet’s 2018 Top 10 Best Travel Countries (Ranked 7th)

(7) The most important reason is that this is a very cost-effective place, air tickets and accommodation are not expensive.

Overview of Local Transportation

Georgia is located between the large and small Caucasus mountains, and the terrain is complex. Many cities that are not far away in a straight line on the map have no direct road or rail connection between them. The tourist routes that lead to Georgia are basically radiated from the capital Tbilisi, often returning to Tbilisi.

On the other hand, public transportation in many cities in Georgia is not developed, so it is more recommended to carpool or charter a car to go to Georgia.

1. Subway

Only in Tbilisi, two lines. You can spend 2 lari at any subway station, apply for a card, and then recharge any amount. The whole journey is a one-ticket system, 1 lari. Swipe your card when you enter the station, but not when you leave the station. One card can be used by multiple people. After one person enters the gate, the card is handed to the next person to swipe. (Remember to keep the receipt when applying for the card, otherwise the card fee will not be refunded in the end)

2. Taxis and intercity buses

There are no meters for taxis in Tbilisi, and prices are negotiated before boarding. There are many vehicles and the price is very cheap. Generally, taking a taxi in the old city or the railway station will not be slaughtered.

The main purpose of public transportation is to solve the problem of the last kilometer of the subway. The stops are very dense and frequent.

There are two types of buses in Tbilisi, one is a dark blue minibus, and the other is a blue bus imported from Germany, both with air conditioning.

Either way, it is 1 lari to get on the bus. After getting on the bus, swipe the subway card. A ticket will be issued, but no one will check the ticket.

Intercity buses are mainly buses that travel between several cities. It can be roughly divided into two categories, carpooling and chartering.

For carpooling, travel minibuses are generally used, which can hold about 12 people, mostly Mercedes-Benz or Ford. There is also a kind of rental, which can be understood as a rental for long-distance running, usually 7 seats, and there are many types of cars.

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Chartered cars are actually taxis, but they will not compete with others, so the price will naturally be higher, but you can enjoy the entire space.

Georgia is a fascinating country located in the Caucasus region, and it’s well worth a visit if you want to explore an off-the-beaten path destination. From its stunning mountain scenery and medieval villages to its vibrant cities and tasty food, Georgia has something for everyone.

Elsewhere in the country there are plenty more ancient churches and monasteries dating back centuries, as well as traditional folk dances and music. And let’s not forget about Georgian cuisine – it’s renowned for being both delicious and hearty!

Finally, Georgia is an affordable travel destination compared with other nearby countries like Turkey or Greece. You can easily spend weeks exploring everything that this fascinating country has to offer without breaking the bank. So if you’re looking for an adventure off the beaten track, be sure to add Georgia to your list!

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