02 September, 2018

Georgian Trip Cost

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Georgia is not only the perfect destination for nature, culture, digital nomads or history lovers, but also very cheap to travel, and even live here. We all know, that money is an important matter to consider, when we are making travel plans. I can dare say, that Georgia is surprisingly cheap. First of all, Georgia is very generous, when it comes to the length of the visa. Almost everyone from every country can enter Georgia with one year visa-free. For more information, read the article Do I need a Visa to visit Georgia. Georgia’s currency is the Lari (GEL). One Lari is divided into 100 tetri. Banknotes come in denominations of one, two, five, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Lari. Coins run from one Tetri to two Lari. I,00 USD = 2,42 Georgian Lari. (This is the current conversion rate at the date of writing this article - 16.04.2018 ) This means, that, for example, if you have 300 USD, you will have 726 Lari. That is more than enough to spend 10 days in Georgia with little worries about your budget. There are plenty of banks, small money-exchange offices in most towns, and cities, where you can exchange US dollars, euros and sometimes the currencies of Georgia’s neighbouring countries.

How much does an accomodation in Georgia cost?
It depends on how you are going to travel. For example, if you travel by yourself and have no problem with shared rooms, you can find Hostels. Hostels are the cheapest places, where you can stay, here you can find a bed in a mixed dorm room starting from $5 per night, even in the capital city Tbilisi. Also, you can find shared flat in Tbilisi, where you will pay around $100-$150 per month. 

In case you can’t stand shared rooms, want more privacy, or just can’t find a hostel in the towns you travel to, then staying in the guest house or Homestay will be convenient for you. Especially if you are traveling with your friend or a partner, you can find a nice twin or double room. The price starts from $12 per night, and believe me, for 2 persons !

If you travel as a couple, there are decent flats available from $150-$300 - the more you pay, the bigger your flat. Monthly utilities (gas, water, electricity, internet) will be around $30-$40. (it also depends on the season, for example in winter will be more expensive)

What about living? Maybe you just want to rent an apartment, in Georgia it’s cheap as well. You just have to know exactly which town you want to stay and what will be the season, because prices depends on them. The “High Seasons” are May-September, the prices are more expensive during this time.

But what  if you love camping? Well, Georgia has created everything for you. If it’s autumn, late spring, or summer, than you are lucky, because almost in every lush and pristine countryside of Georgia you are able to camp. You can pitch your tent everywhere for free and no one will bother you about it.

A Day’s Expenses for Travel in Tbilisi :

  • Khachapuri Breakfast - 4 Lari ($1.6
  • Two metro rides - 1 Lari ($. 50)
  • Museum Entrance -10 Lari ($4.3)
  • Khinkali Lunch - 6 Lari ($2.5)
  • Dinner at a Budget Restaurant - 11 Lari ($4.54)
  • Midrange Budget, Dorm Bed - 15 Lari ($6.19)

Total - 47 Lari ($19.4)

In a nutshell, Georgia is one of the cheapest countries you can visit, and believe me, it's worth seeing.


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