13 October, 2021

GoCaucasus.today - webpage helping you explore Caucasus

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If you are searching for a new destination of adventure tourism, ecotourism or green tourism destination Caucasus might be at top of your itinerary. Every travel starts with the gathering of the information about the destinations and thanks to the internet and search engines we can explore the destination from any place in the world. As the Caucasus is an emerging destination among adventure lovers it becomes crucial to present all the possible attractions and destinations to travellers on the web. The new web place GoCaucasus.today has been deployed to help each traveller find its desired destination and experience.

The website was set up within the project Digital Caucasus, implemented by CENN via a grant awarded by the USAID Bureau for Europe and Eurasia, Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth project, and aims not only to support travellers but also to promote the best Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan have to offer.

On the webpage, you can find various activities and green sights to see through the region from zip-lining, paragliding, rock-climbing, rafting and birdwatching, to hot-air ballooning, bungee-jumping, skiing, cycling, hiking and fishing- mainly everything you can imagine or dream of. The page offers extensive adviser to the region’s national parks and professional tour operators to guide you. You can imagine a hiker, who is seeking adventures. With just one click to the relevant photo, he'll be given hiking options through Georgia, Armenia or Azerbaijan. After choosing the desired country the person will be offered a number of enticing locations to check out, and directed to other online sources for further information and tours.

The 31.8% of the region is a protected area, there are 27 national parks, so there is a lot to explore, from alpine valleys to green forests, from lakes to the sea, from mountains to the wonderful spacious valleys, which give you goosebumps. The site incorporates 120 illustrations and basic biodiversity information on species found in the South Caucasus (mostly Georgia) on an electronic version of the map. The portal features SMEs from the South Caucasus countries and links to their online booking platforms and websites so their services can be booked easily.

GoCaucasus is the first tourism destination portal covering the Caucasus region, which serves as a single-entry point and provides its visitors with comprehensive information about unique green tourism opportunities in the region. The portal contains links to all relevant internet and other types of tourist resources, which allows the information posted on the portal to be up-to-date and easily accessible to its visitors.

Hope this new resource will help you plan your next trip to Caucasus.

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