14 December, 2021

Phone Service in Georgia

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The mobile telecommunications market is well improved in Georgia. MagtiCom, Silknet (Geocell), and Vion the same as Beeline - are the three phone providers operating in the country.

Today they are large companies with significant power.

Mobile telecommunication operators in Georgia offer standard prices and packages. You can get the information about each package or promotion and use them through the company website and application.

4G network was launched in Georgia in 2016. Existing telecommunications companies mainly have 3G and 4G networks, however: MagtiCom has 3G, 4G, and 4.5G Internet, Geocell- 4G and Gigabit LTE (faster than fourth-generation Internet). As for Beeline, it provides 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless services. Beeline is the smallest mobile network. Unlike its competitors, it does not have cable TV and fixed wireless internet, although it is the most budget-friendly.

In terms of coverage area in the country, MagtiCom leads with 98% of the Georgian-controlled territory. It is followed by Geocell and finally Beeline with average coverage.

Where can I activate the sim card? To purchase a card and use a mobile network operator, it is better to visit the desired office. Here you will get consultation and help to adjust parameters in the device.

What does it cost? The cost of activation is 1-2 GEL or it can be free. If you need a card for a modern phone, then you will have to pay. Another alternative, to activate the SIM card, is the airport and the market.

How to activate it? The activation is possible only with the ID card or passport, that you will present at the office, and a copy of it will be made. It is different when you buy a SIM card in the market.

You can top up your mobile account balance and activate the internet package from any Pay Box. Also from the websites (eg Pay.ge, eMoney.ge, etc.), from Internet Banking, and through the mobile operators' website and mobile application. However, keep in mind that when transferring money with the Pay Box, the commission is 0.4%, while online transfer has 0% commission.

MagtiCom (indexes 599; 595; 591)



For customers of all mobile networks: 110011

Cable Internet, Internet TV, Hosting: 110011

Landline: +995322170000

Cable Internet, Internet TV, Hosting: +995322170000


E-mail of the subsidiary company "Bali": info@bali.ge





Working hours

24 hours

Silknet-Geocell (Index 577)



For customers of all mobile networks: 110110

For Geocell and Lailai subscribers only: 7777

Landline: +995322770177



Working hours

24 hours

Beeline (indexes 568; 571; 574; 592; 597)


Hotline: 0611

For landline or customers of other mobile networks:

+995 32 2200611

8 800 700 06 11

Online Chat

Application: MyBeeline App


Working hours

24 hours

According to the report of the Communications Commission, during the 9 months of 2019, the population of Georgia paid 369.2 million GEL in mobile communications (excluding VAT and excise), which is 2.8% more than in the same period of 2018.

369.2 million GEL distribution according to the operators is following:

"Magti" - 171.3 million GEL, an increase of 1.8% over the previous year;

"Silknet" - 131.5 million GEL, a decrease of 1.1% over the previous year;

"Vion Georgia" (Beeline) - 66.5 million GEL, an increase of 14.7% over the previous year.

Rating of mobile operators in 2020 according to subscribers (SIM cards):

"Magti" - 1.5 million

"Silknet" - 1.3 million

"Beeline" - 1 million

However, in 2021 the revenues of mobile companies continue to decline. In February, they received 2.5% less income than in February of the previous year - 27.8 million GEL, instead of 38.7 million GEL. The reason is the reduced number of subscribers of the companies. In February, the number of subscribers decreased by 2.1% to 4.8 million. In the first place is traditionally Magti, which has 1.98 million subscribers, although the number of subscribers of Magti has reduced by 0.9% annually. The third place in the market is Vion, the same as Beeline. The company's number of subscribers decreased by 0.7% early.

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