06 October, 2021

Parking in Tbilisi

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Over the past years, the number of cars has significantly increased, in the capital, as well as throughout Georgia. The number of tourists traveling by this transport has also increased. This is why recently, it has become important and necessary to create a right and simple parking system. The implementation of the system is done step by step. For example, on some streets (Kote Abkhazi street and its surrounding streets) zonal-hour parking has been activated for three years now. Parking on these streets is free for electric car owners, people with disabilities and individuals living in the area. For any other person, parking for the first 15 minutes in this zone is free. This tariff is valid for 24 hours and during this time parking is possible in 4 different places. As for long-term parking, in this case, there are divided zones and different prices. Zone A, where the hourly rate is 1 GEL, Zone B, an hour-2 GEL, and Zone C-3 GEL. Payment can be made through the website WWW.TP.GE, a mobile application or Pay box, that can be found within 50 meters from the parking spot. As for other areas and paid parking there, in this case, we can buy a parking permit, after identifying the car and personal number on the site - https://parking.tbilisi.gov.ge/pass

Many streets in Tbilisi have had a "Stayanshik", same as a parking attendant for years. It may be confusing for tourists why a person dressed in an orange uniform helps them to park a car, although in most parts of Tbilisi it has been normal for years. It is unknown when the profession of the parking attendant was created. It has a fairly simple mechanism. Each attendant has his zone. A parking attendant conveys the drivers the information about the free space, helps them to park the car and the most interesting thing is that most of them have no tariff and agree on the amount that the driver gives. Nowadays, despite the improved systems and mechanisms, the parking attendant system is still the most efficient and widespread.

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