07 May, 2019

The 5 Most Beautiful Churches You Can’t Skip in Tbilisi, Georgia

Have you ever heard that Christianity had been declared as an official religion in Georgia since the IV century? If not, there is.

The Georgian church is an essential part of the Orthodox church in today’s world.

The majority of people are Christians in Georgia. And, Christianity has become a major part of the Georgian culture and history for centuries.

And it wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you that you could explore the beautiful churches in Tbilisi, right? If so, you can be sure that churches and cathedrals have played a vital role in the development process of the country.

Do you want to know which are the most 5 beautiful churches that you can’t skip in Tbilisi?

So read on.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is the biggest and one of the major Orthodox churches in Georgia. The cathedral is one of the biggest in the whole Transcaucasia, and it’s located at the mountain of Elia.

Holy Trinity Church is the symbol of Christianity and one of the most popular tourist places in Tbilisi. It is a monument of a dome-like Church with a mixture of the old and modern architecture.

The building process of the cathedral began in 1989 and completed in 2004 with the consecration of Catholicos-Patriarch. Archil Mindiashvili was the one who created the project. It was a new context which was a combination of the old traditional and modern architectural features and building materials. The cathedral fits well into the environment of the city.

Holy Trinity Cathedral is made up of two parts: above ground and underground parts. The cathedral has 3 entrances from the south, west,and east.

There is a possibility to notice the great and beautiful Holy Trinity Church from almost every part of the central Tbilisi.

Metekhi St. Virgin Church

Metekhi st. Virgin Church is the historical monument of Tbilisi. It’s a crucial part of Georgian history. The church is located on the hill of Metekhi street in the Old part of the city.

The structure of the walls is evidence of how the church is built with the mix of the traditional and Georgian architecture. King Vakhtang Gorgasali built the fortress, church, and the palace on that hill in the VI century.

Besides, as it’s known from the historical sources, today’s church is associated with king Demetrius II, the Devoted. Demetrius II built the monastery in the XIII century. As time went on the architecture has changed, the place has become an important part of the history and a popular tourist destination.

Martyr Shushanik Queen of Georgia is buried in the cathedral. It’s one of the great sanctity of the church. The strategic location of the church, its historical importance, and the architecture always get the attention of the locals and tourists.

Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral

Sioni, Cathedral of Saint Mary of Zion is located in the central area of Tbilisi, on the eastern side of Kura River. Tbilisi Sioni cathedral had been the main seat of Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgian until the Holy Trinity Church was built in 2004.

Guaram I who was a prince of Iberia built the church in the VI century. The construction of the church took almost 100 years and finished in the second half of VII century. The church is a central dome-shaped, and the overall architecture is a model of the middle centuries.

It’s well known that Georgia had many enemies and it was always a subject of attention. The enemies have ruined the church, and it has been restored several times which caused the change of the architecture. According to the historical sources, the ruler of the Khwarezmian Empire, Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu gained the power to run Tbilisi in the XIII century.

He took off the dome of the church and replaced it with the throne chair.

Have you ever heard about the Hundred Thousand Martyrs of Tbilisi? They were saints of the Georgian Orthodox Church who protected the icons of the Sioni church and were beheaded for not renouncing Christianity as their religion.

Hundreds of tourists, travelers, and locals visit Metekhi Church as it’s a favorite monument for many Georgians and not only.

Narikala - St. Nikoloz Church

St. Nikoloz Church of Narikala is located at one of the oldest fortress, Narikala. The church is built in the XIII century when the King of Tbilisi was Demetrius II, the Devoted.

When Georgia became a part of Russia, the Narikala church this was arranged as a gunpowder store. Later, the church was destroyed by the big explosion.

The construction of the new building, St. Nikoloz church started in 1996. The relics of the XIII century building have still remained in the church.

There is possibility see the whole central part of Tbilisi, even the Holy Trinity Cathedral from the Narikala Fortress.

The shortest and exciting way to reach Narikala is going by the cable car from Rike Park.

Mtatsminda - Mama Daviti Church

The Mama Daviti church is located in Tbilisi, Mtatsminda. The church is a symbol of the Georgian domed architecture, and it’s built by the bricks.

The building process of the church started in the VI century, and it’s related to Mama Daviti. Mama Daviti was one of the Thirteen Assyrian Fathers, and it was the one who built the little Monk’s cell and a chapel at Mtatsminda.

Therefore, The Georgians named the mountain as a Mama Daviti Mountain in honor of him.

But there’s more.

The construction of new Mama Daviti church started in 1857 and finished in 1871.

There is a path alongside the church that goes up to Mtatsminda park. So, it’s quite easy for the outdoors-man to seek new adventures.

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