20 September, 2018

Tobavarchkhili, in other words, how I discovered Wonderland

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There is a place in Georgia, which is not very famous. it’s called Chxorotsku, where flows river- Khobistskhali. Here you can spend summer hot days, cool down and so on. But you can do all these things in other places too, right? So, why you should get tired , looking for Tobavarchkhili? Because it’s really worth your time, energy , and everything. If you just ask, from where does river Khobistskali comes , you will find out one of the most unforgettable memories in your mind and soul.(if it exists, of course… just kidding) . the answer will lead you to the place, called Silver Lake, but before I tell you about it, I should mention, that the road itself is another pleasure. This road is unique in whole eastern European countries, as you can come across caves, mineral waters , moss-covered tracts of land, as well as an alpine lakes and waterfalls. The higher you are, the picturesque it gets. In every meter the scenery changes, everything gets more and more green, and you feel, that you are into the Wild. after finishing the automobile road ,you will have to continue walking on your own, by foot. The passengers can rest in shacks, where shepherds live and they are always happy to have tired guests, they offer wonderful hospitality with Ghomi and other Georgian traditional delicious foods. In a nutshell, their doors are always open for you. The best time for this campaign is from middle Jule, to the beginning of august.

To see the video, Click hereTourists call this place magic lake , or “ real heaven”, “nature masterpiece” , “ fierce beauty” , “holly Lake ” and so on. But most of all I like “ the return to the beginning” - like it’s a reflection of a heaven. It’s paradoxical, but our ancestors called this place the same names, and thought , they were magic lakes.This is from when the legend about Tobavarchkhili Lake comes : it’s told, that even a touch of a finger could cause a terrible punishment form the nature.

There is the waterfall Intsra at the municipality of Tsalenjikha. River flows from 30 meters mossy rocks. At the source of the waterfall, 1800 meters from sea level is located refreshing rock, called Quaqantsalia. It has 4 points for leaning on , and one them is always in the midair. Just one touch is enough for a 12 tonne rock to start swing ,and make sounds, like someone knocking.

In Samegrelo, there is a great possibility to have canyons, the reason is that river Khobistskali has too many mixtures, which flew from rocks and create wonderful waterfalls.As for Shurubumu Cave, it’s located in Chxorotsku. It defuses underground waters and can be seen in summer or in autumn, which is wonderful sighting. The most of the cave is still unknown and is kind of a challenge for scientists. And still, the most beautiful place here is Chitagvalash Tobavarchkhilia-so-called Silver Lake. To get there you have to walk about 2 kilometers on the glacier. There is also another, smaller Toba lake , which is on the highest - 2680 meters from sea level. The ice melts only in Juli and August. That’s when one can see the entire Lake.

River Abasha is 50-70 meters depth, and creates almost a kilometer long wonderful canyon. The place , where river Abasha meets Gochkadili canyon once was Georigian aristocrats - Dadianebi’s favorite the bathe place. Now it’s one of the most popular places for tourists.there are rivers not only in Samegrelo mountains, but also in the lowlands.For example, there is lake Papantskvili - limestone lake near the village Kheta. The biggest one is Paliastomi Lake, which is distinguished for being at the lowest stage from sea level. It gets by rain waters . so ,the lake’s water is higher in summer , spring and autumns. In winter lake's cost is frozen. This lake is in the list of Kolkheti National Park. it’s secured territory, and tourists can take a trip with boats on the lake ,and look through the nature.
According to the Greek mythology, that place was Colchis kingdom . the king was Heleos, Greek God of the sun, whose son was Aiet. Argonauts came here to gain the golden fleece. So, this place was mysterious and marvellous for foreigners from ancient times.

How to get there? : Tbilisi- Senaki - Chkhorotsku - S.Mukhuri
From tbilisi you can get by night train in Senaki.The t
rain will be there at 4 o'clock. At the station taxi will be ready to take the passengers, as it is waiting for the train. it will take you to Chkorothsku and costs 3 laris. From Chkhorotsku to Mukhura - it costs only 1 lari. From Mukhura begins the pedestrians road. when you start hiking , you will meet many signs, which shows you the way to Toba.

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