28 January, 2022

10 Best Lakes in Georgia

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It is already a well-known fact that Georgia is rich, unique, and diverse in its nature. In this distinction, the beautiful lakes of the country take a huge part. Most of the lakes are so spectacular you can not believe what you see with your own eyes. Especially glacial lakes lost in the mountains surprise both local and foreign visitors.

There are about 860 lakes in Georgia. Most of them are small and the total area of ​​the lakes does not exceed 170 sq. km. Nevertheless, the lakes of Georgia are distinguished by their diverse, beautiful surface. Here you will find tectonic, multi-glacial, river, coastal, karst, suffosional, swampy, landslide, and anthropogenic lakes. They are mainly fed by snow, rain, and groundwater, which is determined by the climate of Georgia.

Lake Paravani is the largest in Georgia in terms of area, Tabatskuri in volume, and Ritsi in depth, it is the deepest lake in the whole of Transcaucasia.

Now have a look at the list of the 10 most beautiful lakes in Georgia and once again enjoy the beautiful nature of your country. The landscape around the lakes is also amazing, surrounded by mountains, glaciers, volcanic elevations, and sometimes even cultural monuments.


1. Tobavarchkhili Lake

Tobavarchkhil Lake also known as "Silver Lake" is located in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region, Tsalenjikha municipality, on the southern slope of the Egrisi ridge, at 2650 m above sea level. The lake is supplied with snow, rain, and groundwater. Tobavarchkhili is the largest lake on the Egrisi ridge. Didgalish Toba, Kalalish Toba, and Tsakatskarish Toba are located near Tobavarchkhil Lake. The road to Toba is no less amazing, and the farther and farther you go, the more greenery and wildlife you will encounter.

The lake cools and supplies the river Khobistskali in Chkhorotsku. It also supplies the Magana River, which forms a beautiful waterfall and canyon.

2. Lake Ritsa

Ritsa Lake is located in Abkhazia, Gudauta Municipality, in the basin of the river Bzipi, at an altitude of 884m above sea level. It is the deepest lake in the Caucasus. The water in Ritsa Lake is green in spring and bluish-blue in winter. The large lake between the mountains covered with the mixed forest of Abkhazia is an amazingly beautiful sight and makes a great impression on the visitor. Lake Ritsa and its environs are the most beautiful of all seasons. Ritsa Strict Nature Reserve was established in 1946 to protect the nature of the lake and its surroundings.

3. Abudelauri lakes

The colorful lakes of Abudelauri create a truly thrilling spectacle from the Chaukhi Pass. The route starts from the village of Juta in Kazbegi municipality and leads to one of the most beautiful passes in Georgia. Juta is one of the highest populated villages in Georgia and Europe, located at 2200 meters above sea level. The lakes are 7 km from the village of Roshka and form the shortest and easiest route to visit this place.

Abudelauri Lakes include three lakes - Green Lake, Blue Lake, and White Lake. The best time to see the colorful lakes of Abudelauri is June and July.

Bateti Lake, Dzama Gorge, ტბა Озеро Батети

4. Bateti Lake

Bateti Lake is located in Shida Kartli region, Kareli municipality, Dzami gorge, at 1313 meters above sea level. One of the most popular lakes in Georgia is Bateti Lake. It is an ideal choice for a short day hiking, the valley and the lake are really beautiful, and it is quite easy to get there. All this led to a special interest in Bateti Lake. Lots of people visit the lake in spring greenery, hot summer, or colorful autumn.

The landscape of Bateti Lake is also characterized by distinctive beauty. It is surrounded by mixed forest-covered hills. A stream flows from the lake. The southern part of the lake is swampy, where the plants thrive and offer a beautiful landscape. Preferred seasons for visiting Bateti Lake are late spring, summer, or early autumn. Autumn is especially beautiful when the lake around it reflects the colorful, red-yellow colors of autumn.

5. Saghamo Lake

Saghamo Lake is located in the eastern part of the Javakheti volcanic highlands, Ninotsminda Municipality, at an altitude of 1996 m above sea level. Supplied with groundwater, rain, and snow water. In the evening, the river Paravani flows into the lake.

The best time to climb the lake is in May when the temperature reaches its maximum. The lake freezes for 4-5 months in winter. The village of Saghamo is cultivated around the lake.

შავი კლდეების ტბა - წრიული

6. Black Rock Lake

The Black Rocks Lake Trail is distinguished by its biodiversity. It is distinguished by the views of the Alazani Valley and the Caucasus Mountains. Here on the way, you will meet almost all the living creatures that inhabit our country. In addition to forest animals, you will also meet migratory birds here.

The Black Rocks Lake is supplied with snow, rain, and groundwater. It is also known as Long Lake and Khalakheli.

პალისტომის ტბა, გურია, სამეგრელო - Lake Palistom, Guria, Samegrelo Озеро Палистоми

7. Paliastomi Lake

There is no way to visit Kolkheti National Park without enjoying Paliastomi Lake, as this is where the route begins.

Paliastomi is a flowing lake, most of which is located in Samegrelo, near the city of Poti, although its western part is located in the Guria region and is in the territory of Lanchkhuti municipality. It is the third-largest lake in Georgia. Located below sea level - 0.3 m.

Paliastomi Lake is part of Kolkheti National Park, Kolkheti National Park offers boating routes for tourists to get to know the lake better.

8. Mtsvane Lake (Green Lake)

Mtsvane Lake is located in the northern part of the Asian Range, near Goderdzi Pass and at 2058 meters above sea level. It is an ideal place for quiet relaxation and unwinding in nature. The shore of the lake is cultivated in a place protected from the wind by the mountains, where you can also arrange a picnic. Here you will easily find a cozy camping place and relax.

გაბზარული ტბა - Gabzaruli Tba (Cracked Lake)

9. Gabzaruli Lake

Gabzaruli Lake Nature Monument is located in Imereti, Tskaltubo Municipality, in the village of Kumistavi, 166 meters above sea level.

Gabzaruli Lake's natural monument is generated in the Cretaceous limestones, the shaft opening in the form of a wide fissure on a slope covered with deciduous forest. The length of the fissure extending to the north reaches 60 m, and the width is 2-25 m. At the bottom of the fissure, at a depth of 25 m from the surface, there is a 45 m deep siphon lake. The fissured siphon is one of the components of the cavernous system. The level of Siphon Lake coincides with the level of the outlets of the river Kumi.

10. Madatapa Lake

Madatapa Lake is located in Ninotsminda Municipality, in the south-eastern part of the Javakheti volcanic highlands, at 2108 meters above sea level. It is supplied with snow, rain, and groundwater. The Madatapa River flows from it, and the lake also has underground drainage, causing the water level to fluctuate sharply. The water temperature reaches 17-18 ° C in summer and freezes almost to the bottom in winter. The lake is poorly mineralized.

These are only a small part of the lakes that we have in Georgia. See other lakes on our site at the link.

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