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Madatapa Lake is located in the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, Ninotsminda Municipality, at 2108 meters above sea level. It is the part of the Madatapa Managed Reserve. The blue lake, surrounded by the volcanic mountains of Javakheti and open spaces, creates a picturesque sight. This place is perfect for bird watching enthusiasts. The lake is often visited by photographers since many nesting and migratory birds gather here during the summer. Extensive views, a variety of colors and an environment full of exotic birds attract many tourists. On the way to Madatapa Lake, you can also visit the village of Gorelovka, where you can enjoy the colorful and different architecture of the Doukhobors. Lake Madatapa is one of the best places for those who love traveling and unwinding in nature. The lake completely freezes in winter and the colorful environment is transformed into a fabulous, white lightning world.

Madatapa Lake is fed by rain, snow and groundwater. Its surface area is 8.78 km, and its greatest depth is 1.7 m. The cavern is formed as a result of blocking the valley by the flowing lava. The river Madatapa flows from the lake. Water temperature in summer is 17-18 ° C. It has low shores and the coast is covered with water-loving plants. There are no fish in the lake. The villages of Epremovka, Zhdanovakani and Sameba are built up around Madatapa.

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