02 September, 2018

Top 5 night clubs in Tbilisi

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The capital of Georgia easily adapted electronic music and European style of night life unlike other genres. Several great spots were created in last seven years, they grew popularity and now are irreplaceable stress relievers for the whole town.

Here’s our top 5:

  1. Bassiani – Club Bassiani is functioning since 2014 and is unconditional leader. Name is connected to a historical place in Georgia and one of the greatest battles, club logo also refers to this. Bassiani owns the highest quality sound system in the city (Funktion one). Club owes its popularity to residents and a label. For more information please visit the link: https://bassiani.com/
  2. Khidi – one of the newest clubs gained popularity really fast. Khidi is functioning since 2016. Name represents its location. Club is under the Vakhushti Bagrationi Bridge and the word khidi means bridge in Georgian. Sound system here is one of the bests. For details please visit the link: https://khidi.ge/
  3. Mtkvarze – club is located on a bank of river Mtkvari, in an old restaurant building. Mtkvarze is no less than above mentioned 2.club has 2 halls and a balcony with a view on a river. Small room is a platform for other genre experimental artists. For more information please visit the link: https://www.facebook.com/mtkvarze/

  4. Spacehall – club is also new. It’s located near Bassiani, in commercial zone of Boris Paichadze Football Stadium (commonly known as Dinamo Stadium).Dynamic sound and light systems combine in a huge space. Diversity of genre is also preferred here. For details please visit the link: https://spacehall.com/
  5. Café Gallery – unlike classic clubs this one is a nice café in a daytime and a wild electronic music stage on weekends where you can have fun till morning. Spot is pretty active and popular during the whole week. For more information please visit the link: https://cafe-gallery.ge/

You should definitely check out at least one of these during your visit! If you do please share your impressions.

Have fun!

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Lasha Tbelishvili
Lasha Tbelishvili

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