02 September, 2018

Top 5 Vintage bars in Tbilisi

“Oh, my God ! Is this a Time-traveler’s door, or what ?“- These words may burst out from your mouth, when you visit Tbilisi- the one of the most mystic cities you can ever see with its elegantly dilapidated wooden balcony houses , and strange styled cafes, which, you may think, are some kind of art–creatures. When you enter the doorstep of those Vintage bars, you may feel like suddenly you are in a quite different era, somewhere in a magic place. You will also find yourself in "rooms from worldwide - literature“, or movies, you may feel the cosiness of old times, as well as modern ones. Tbilisi has an aesthetic, its own “Retro Collage“, so... Lets Take a look ...

Kantora Bar

One of my favourite places to spend wonderful time and taste delicious snacks in Tbilisi is so-called "Kantora Bar" (Machabeli Street 3, near Freedom Square). Working hours- everyday, from 18:00-02:00. Old Black and White TV-es, German bikes, retro- lamp-brackets, separated corner tables, and most important, very sweet, tasty food and beer for the cheapest price. Oh, and one more thing, you will have hardly ever seen such a beautiful lavatory, which is full of flowers on the walls ... Maybe, Stanley Kubrick would like to take his movies there ? Who knows ... In a nutshell, if you want to have a pleasant time with cheap-thrills, you must come here.

Art-Cafe Home

Art-Cafe Home - is also one of the most picturesque places you may ever see (it’s located in Betlemi 13). Here you can come across not only tasty food and drinks, but also, some modern-art paintings, and you are able to buy them… and take them with you. Here are old styled wheelchairs, cuddly lights, and most important for tourists , on the walls there are Georgian traditional dried fruit. So, you may eat from walls ! (just kidding)

Cafe Linville

And here comes most sweetest place I have ever been - cafe Linville (located in Gia Abesadze Street, 4/6, Lesesidze). Here you will see how people lived in Soviet Union, it’s like suddenly you are in the same country, same place, but the time is different, century is quite different. Those old Mirrors everywhere, old chairs, the Russian styled tablecloths, curtains, flower-printed wallpapers. Fish are swimming in front of you, and making an wonderful aura. And, of course, you can’t imagine XIX century homes without a piano.

Cafe Laboratory

Here is another masterpiece- Cafe Laboratory (located in Alexander Griboyedov Street, 31). This is very “strange” place, because, you can not only taste something, but also buy any subject, I repeat - Any subject, you like here, even a table. Great ? isn’t it? There are so many souvenirs to take with you and memories Tbilisi days.


And, the last one - Fabrika (in Egnate Ninoshvili Street). If you are “young, Wild and Free“, you must not leave Tbilisi without visiting that place. What I love the most here is, that you can feel the real beat of Youth life. Everything is made for young ones. This place at first, I mean, in URSS, was a sewing factory, you can still find those old sewing machines in the corner, and imagine, how it was alike. Also, this is one of the first places, where Georgian Comics appeared. This is a bar, a club, a hostel, or almost everything one needs. So, you should take a deep breath and enjoy, while it lasts.

Hope you like my offerings.

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