25 November, 2021

Sulfur baths in Tbilisi

A body refreshing ritual has existed in Tbilisi for centuries. Sulfur baths were often used not only for recreation but also for amusement. Here, the future mother-in-laws even checked the beauty of the brides and were giving bath items as presents for the wedding. Sulfur baths were the main resort area of ​​Old Tbilisi.

In addition to relaxation and fun, sulfur baths have many healing properties. It is one of the best protectors against viruses. The hot steam helps to open the pores and rinse the pathogens away. High temperature strengthens blood circulation, which helps the body to heal. Also, wet steam is an inhaler for the bronchi and lungs.

In this article, you will get find out about the sulfur baths in Tbilisi, which still retain the ancient traditional urban appearance and, in addition to receiving useful minerals, help the human body to refresh.

Bath №5

While mentioning sulfur baths almost everyone thinks of the ancient district of Abanotubani. This place was the main place in the city for relaxation. "Narikala", the same as "Bath N5" is one of the most distinguished and high-quality institutions. Here you will feel the vibe of old Tbilisi. Colorful mosaic painting and unique interior will assure you that you have come to the right place. The canal of unique sulfur baths starts from there and spreads all over the area.

Bath №5 is located at Vakhtang Gorgasali street 3 and is always ready to receive the guests. Prices start from 60 GEL and depend on the size of the bath and additional services.

Chreli Abano (colorful bath)

The Chreli Abano has a centuries-old history. In the 17th century Tbilisi, there were famous sulfur baths of Erekle, Bebuta, Melik, and many others. Still, the Chreli Abano proudly decorated the city with its uniqueness. The design of the building is influenced by Iranian architecture. The bath is located in the district of Seidabad.

In addition to traditional sulfur baths, you will find here many other services. Starting with a traditional peeling, ending with different types of massage. The price of the baths starts from 70 GEL and it depends on the size and type of the bath. You will find this place very easily. It is located at the beginning of the ascent of the Botanical Garden, at Abano Street 2.

Kiev Sulfur Bath

Abanotubani is full of sulfur baths, but you will find mineral healing waters in many other parts of Tbilisi too. The Kiev Bath is distinguished by a variety of interiors. Here you will find baths built of old decorative colored stone, as well as rooms in a modern style.

Kiev Bath is located about 400 meters away from Marjanishvili metro station, at Kiev Street, 4. Unlike other baths, there are relatively affordable prices. The service starts from 40 GEL.

Lisi Bath

Did you know that there used to be natural thermal springs and baths near Lisi Lake? Lisi Bath was established in this place in 2014 and it is still successfully functioning today. Several types of sulfur baths are found here. At the end of a pleasant refreshing procedure, you can enjoy the stunning landscape of Lisi from the bath terrace.

Prices in Lisi Bath start from 8 GEL for an hour. It is very easy to find it. It is built next to the lake, near the green space of Lisi.

Royal Bath

The Royal Bath lives up to its name and in addition to a variety of sulfur baths, it captures the attention of visitors with its unique interior. The walls here still smell of old Tbilisi. The walls decorated with specific stones have a lot of Iranian influence, which makes the ritual of healing the body more charming. Alexander Pushkin has written - "I have never encountered anything greater than the baths of Tbilisi in my life". He was a frequent visitor to the Royal Baths.

The bath is located in Ortachala, Abanotubani, at Abano Street, 2. Prices start from 70 GEL. It is possible to use both individual and common baths.

King Erekle's Bath

You can visit one of the distinguished baths in Abanotubani, King Erekle's Bath. Here, you will meet an unusual environment. The building itself is made of the same material as the semi-domed roofs of the world-famous baths. The interior is quite charming and different. In addition to the standard procedure, you can get the ancient service of body refreshment - traditional peeling.

The price of a sulfur bath starts from 50 GEL and is affordable for people of all budgets. The building is easily accessible. It is located at the end of the first dead-end of Abano Street.

Gulo's Thermal Spa

Gulo's Thermal Spa is one of the most famous and distinctive baths in Tbilisi. The place designed for maximum comfort offers a famous jam and tea to the guests with other services. The name of the bath has become well-known outside the country too and it happily hosts foreign guests. In 2019, English singer, Sting, visited Gulo's Thermal Spa to get a sulfur bath.

The interior, filled with wonderful paintings, guarantees the best relaxation. The last specialist of traditional peeling still works here, whose descendants have also been engaged in this activity. Prices start from 80 GEL. The bath is located at Ioseb Grishashvili Street,11.

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