Batumi Central Park (May 6 Park)

Batumi Central Park (May 6 Park)

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About Batumi Central Park (May 6 Park)

Best time to visit: All Season

Batumi Central Park (May 6 Park) is located in Adjara, Batumi. It is the first civil garden in Batumi. Construction of the park began in 1881, in the south-eastern part of Lake Nuri-Geli. The construction was entrusted to a Prussian gardener - Resler. Resler died in 1884, and the work was suspended for a year. From 1885, French gardener Mikhail Dalfons was invited to lead the construction of the city garden and the already started boulevard. Gradually, the garden was built, shrubs of different varieties and trees were planted. Today, the garden, hidden in the green, with its beautiful paths and view of Lake Nuri is a beautiful sight and one of the perfect places for relaxation and fun. Delphinarium and Batumi Zoo are located on the territory of the park, where you will enjoy interacting with animals. Hotels, restaurants and cafes are located around the garden, where you can have a pleasant rest and taste the most delicious dishes. Batumi Central Park is one of the most attractive places in the city for both tourists and locals.

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