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Batumi Mosque


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Batumi Mosque - Orta Jame is located in Adjara, Batumi, on Kutaisi Street. It is one of the oldest buildings in Batumi. It was built during the Ottoman rule in 1886. Orta Jame is a typical example of late Ottoman provincial architecture. The golden dome of the building and the tall, white minaret draw attention from the distance and play an essential role in creating the multicultural urban environment of Batumi. Batumi Mosque is a large building with a rectangular plan, which has a high minaret in the corner and a large gilded dome in the center. The exterior of the building is plastered and painted in white. The facades are separated by rectangular windows, which are surrounded by profiled trims and crowned with flat "pediments". Rectangular windows on longitudinal facades are replaced by circular ones, above which are depicted the lying crescents. The east entrance is the most richly decorated. It is flanked by pilasters supported by a tall, helmet-shaped arch. A round window is cut in the arch tympanum. The windows on the facades are arranged in two tiers, although the interior space is united. The wooden gable roof relies on four free-standing round pillars. At the top of the middle section there is erected a dome with wooden poles. The ceiling, dome and railings of the cathedra are decorated with colorful decorative paintings.

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