sabanake Sabertse camping Саберце кемпинг sabanake Sabertse camping Саберце кемпинг

About Sabertse Campsite

Best time to visit: Summer, September

Sabertse campsite is located in Kazbegi municipality, on the Mount Kazbek-classic route, at 3000 meters above sea level. Those who want to climb the Mount Kazbek camp here for the first night for acclimatization. Dozens of tents can be set up on the campground, hence there is no problem with the place. There is also an AltiHut Hotel where you can spend the night.


There is no water problem at the Sabertse campsite because in the middle of the campsite a small pipe is constantly flowing with clean water coming out directly from the ground.


Garbage bags can also be found here. Do not think that cleaning services visit this place every day and they will take out your garbage. No! Everyone has to carry their rubbish here, so do not leave the rubbish in the campsite and be sure to take it back to the nearest settlement so that it can be placed in its proper place and not blend in with nature.

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