Chatini (Chatintau)

Chatini summit- მწვერვალი ჩათინი Chatini summit- მწვერვალი ჩათინი Chatini summit- მწვერვალი ჩათინი

About Chatini (Chatintau)

Best time to visit: July, August, September

Chatini (Chatintau)- the peak in Georgia, on the side of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, in the municipality of Mestia. It is situated on the southern lap of the main mountain range of Svaneti Kavkasioni. The height is 4412 meters. Chatini is created by Paleozoic granitoid. For this surroundings, it is characterized by nivalis landscape, which means cold and snowy climate. From the sidehill summit, flows streams, which nourished the Chalaati Glacier. The first Soviet Union uplift occurred in 1937.

Tags: #Nature #Snow #Peak

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