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Chekhedana Church is located in the village of Tskhrapona, Kobuleti Municipality, Adjara. It was built in 1609 by Mamia II Gurieli to appease the soul of his young son, Manuchar, who died while hunting in the area. He also donated cross-icons, books, a golden omophorion, a sakkos, and guns to the temple. The church was consecrated by Theophanes, Patriarch of Jerusalem, and it belonged to the Patriarchate of Jerusalem along with the churches of Baileti and Mamati. The Temple of Chekhedana was established under subordination of the Monastery of the Cross in Jerusalem, which meant that the Patriarch of Jerusalem, who had arrived in Guria, should perform the liturgy here.

The service of the Chekhedana temple was the responsibility of the Aznaur Bolkvadzes. The current church was rebuilt on the foundation of an old church destroyed in the 90s of the XX century. There is a Fathers’ monastery near the church.

Chekhedana Church is a hall-type building. The building is paved with cut stone. The temple has one window on the east and on the north, and two windows on the north. All windows are arched. There are two relief tiles on the west facade, and one on the other facades. The facades are lined with plain, double-shelved eaves. The interior of the church is plastered and painted. The temple has only one narrow, arched entrance - on the west side. The entrance has a plain, arched title. The building has a two-sided roof. There is a stone cross on the western slope of the roof.

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