The mountain pass of Goderdzi is located in south-west of Georgia, 2027 meters above the sea level. It connects Santskhe-Javakheti to Adjara.  Plentiful rainfall is caused by proximity to the sea, that’s why the place covers up with several meters high snow in winter. The ski resort here is functioning since December of 2015. For the meantime there are 2 lifts, Gondola and Babli. Total length of ski tracks is 8 km, and maximum height is 2366 meters above the sea level.

Goderdzi ski resort

Resort Goderdzi is 109 km away from Batumi. As the last few kilometers of the road are damaged the trip from Batumi to Goderdzi lasts for approximately 3 hours. You’ll need an all-wheel drive car in winter to cover the snowy distance. The shortest route from Tbilisi to Goderdzi goes through Akhaltsikhe, but this section is usually not available in winter because of heavy snowfalls. The only option in this situation is to go to Goderdzi through Batumi, which means 10 hour ride. This disadvantage can easily be seen as a positive point, because long roads prevent the resort from tourist overload. Unlike Gudauri and Bakuriani, you’ll never have to deal with overloaded ski tracks, long queues at lifts or snowless parts of the roads in the end of the day. Quality of ski tracks are nice on any part of the day.

Ski tracks on Goderdzi

This place is a heaven for those who love freeriding, plentiful snowfalls cover the surface with fresh and soft snow almost every day. Goderdzi is also famous for its variety of landscapes. Here you can ski in the alpine zone, dense coniferous forest and even in villages. There’s no comparable feeling to what you experience while skiing through snow-covered houses. For the lovers of extreme the forest option is something like most of us have only seen in the movies. Resort also offers nice and easier tracks for beginner and average skiers.  As there are no many people, Goderdzi gives everyone the opportunity to master their skills.

skiing on Goderdzi

Cable car price is much lower than in any other winter resort of Georgia. Daily ticket costs 20 Georgian lari. Cable cars function every day from 10am till 5pm. Skiing equipment rental is also available but if you’re traveling from Tbilisi it’s better to take everything you need from there, as there’s no diversity in Goderdzi.

Accommodation is provided by hotels and cottages in the resort for reasonable price. Unlike Gudauri cost doesn’t change according to season, so no one will oblige you to pay 10 times more on the Christmas holidays. Cottages are very close to cableway. A room for 2 costs 100 Georgian lari and a room for 4 – 150 for one night. Every room has its private bathroom. One cottage consists of 2 double rooms and 2 rooms for 4 persons. There is a common kitchen, TV, fireplace, several big tables, free Wi-Fi, central heating system, small room to keep skiing equipment. Also kitchen appliances: refrigerator, microwave, electric cattle, multiple use dishes. There’s everything for a comfortable residence. In a hotel a double room costs 80 Georgian lari and a room for 4 persons -120 without meals. Hotel is also near the cableway. Several other hotels are being built in Goderdzi to receive more travelers in future. There’s a hotel “Meteo” in a peak of the mountain pass, near the motorway road. Price for a room there starts from 40 Georgian lari, but in winter heavy snowfalls make it impossible to get there without snow tapping machine. On the New Year eve and Christmas resort is highly demanded so you’ll have to make a reservation months earlier.

Cottages on Goderdzi

Goderdzi is quite new resort so the infrastructure isn’t developed enough which can be another disadvantage. There are no many restaurants or places to hang out. Resort has an only restaurant and few fast food centers. There are some family shops for things like bread, sugar, salt, tea and coffee. That’s why take all needed products with you on the way to Goderdzi so that after you won’t have to go for them to Batumi.

Transportation to the ski resort Goderdzi is available by your own car or a taxi. If you don’t have an all-wheel drive car, you can easily rent “delica” type car in Batumi or Khulo, that will surely make your trip comfortable. You can get to Batumi by your own car, taxi, minibus, bus, train and even by airplane.

Here’s a map of the ski resort Goderdzi:

Map of Goderdzi ski resort